New music worth listening to~

May 6, 2009

yay! Shimizu Shota has another song out! well actually he was featured in Miliyah Kato’s song, “Love Forever”. She’s apparently only a year older than him.. I don’t know about you, but I totally thought she was older..

Anyway watch the MV! I really like the song~

The MV is alright.. I dislike her white dress outfit, but the MV overall isn’t that bad. I’ve seen worse.

Another awesome song is by Spontania! well actually it’s Yuna Ito featuring Spontania but I love Spontania~~ 

Anyway the MV is AWESOME~~~~~~~~ 

I didn’t realize how old Spontania was until I saw this MV. They looked so young in their Saiyonara MV though.. but anyway glad they’ve been getting popular and got more money so that they can get the quality of an MV that their song deserves~~ ❤

I’m not really sure about the storyline and I was looking at the lyrics.. so what i’m guessing is..

Girl A who opens the box is the girl in the red swimsuit and she’s good friends with Girl B and Boy. Girl B likes Boy and confessed to Boy or found out that Boy likes Girl A. Girl A overheard and is troubled because she knows that Girl B likes Boy and she doesn’t like Boy? or she does like Boy and is glad but doesn’t want to ruin friendship with Girl B? So anyway Girl A gets into a fight with Girl B and Boy comes over to comfort her and confesses to Girl A that he likes her and tries to kiss her but Girl A can’t forget about her good friend Girl B and pushes Boy away. Girl B hates Girl A and Girl A goes to practice swimming to get rid of her stress. Girl B comes over and challenges her. Girl A starts winning but realizes that she doesn’t want to compete anymore and lose Girl B and Boy as friends and decides to forget it and run away. In the end Girl A loses both and they never reconcile.. or maybe Girl A liked Boy and lost to Girl B because she chose friend over Boy, but even now she still likes Boy?

Iono. it’s confusing, but makes me want to watch it more.


Check out Spontania’s other music. It’s good. And you should check out One Love by Dohzi-T feat Shimizu Shota.. good stuff too. ❤


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