Minho with a new nose? I don’t believe it.

May 1, 2009

Okay, whoa. sorry but whoa! New nose? NO WAY. Looking at the pictures, they don’t look that convincing, esp the first one. the other ones just look photoshopped. skin color looks wrong in the second one. like seriously.


This is the first pic:


credits to jpopasia.com

credits to jpopasia.com


do you see the difference?! I don’t! and seriously, your face changes as you grow. that’s such an obvious fact. omg. =_____=

here’s the link to the full article @alkpop.com and there’s a second photo which totally looks photoshopped.

what’s up with all these korean celebrities? it’s not like fans were complaining about how bad their nose is. ugh. it’s really gross. sigh. although I can just imagine that in a couple hundred of years, people will be digging up graves and all that’s left is all this plastic. sigh. plus, if you have plastic surgery.. doesn’t that mean that it’s bad for the environment to cremate your body??

sorry.. had art history class today. @_@


4 Responses to “Minho with a new nose? I don’t believe it.”

  1. EraMinKiHo Says:

    Nooo!!! But i dont care,he still looks hot with a new nose or without one..

  2. Jane Ventura Says:

    I don’t believe it i think this pics are photoshopped.. i watched his show recently and i think there is no change…this pic aint convincing…maybe an anti fan photoshopped it or something…=))….I always ❤ minho!!!shinee!!

  3. St Says:

    about the colour of the second photo, it’s most probably because of the lighting of the stage. The first one most probably had a spotlight on him. But yeah, I don’t believe that he did his nose. It’s… just very unlike him.

  4. notneeded. Says:

    umm.. do you really think they use plastic stuff just because it’s called plastic surgery? they don’t necessarily use plastic or some other stuff with plastic surgery, it depends on what you do (botox ‘nd getting bigger boobs vs. liposuction and skin transplant with 3rd degree burns).. O.o
    but I get your point.
    as for minho’s nose.. Iunno if it’s true but I hope it’s not.. :s plus, what kind of doctor would do that, really? someone like him who’s still growing shouldn’t be able to get plastic surgery O.o .. and SM’s stupid for that same reason if the rumor is true.. -.- people nowadays..

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