Arrested for Stripping Naked! AHAHAHH!

April 25, 2009


Last thing I ever thought I’ll see is an article about how a JE member would be arrested for stripping in a public park. XD ahahha. and a SMAP member too! AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. 


credits to jpopasia

credits to jpopasia

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, a member of the Japanese pop music group SMAP, was arrested Thursday for public indecency after stripping naked while under the influence of alcohol at a Tokyo park, causing ripples not only in the nation but in South Korea, where the singer, who is fluent in Korean, is also popular.


After arresting the 34-year-old Kusanagi, police searched his home in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, spurring numerous telephone calls from his fans in protest. The suspect admitted to stripping naked and told investigators, ‘‘I regret what I did. I don’t remember how I went to the park, and why I became naked,’’ according to the police.
His agent, Johnny & Associates, said Thursday night Kusanagi will refrain from entertainment activities for the time being
The incident triggered the cancellation of TV commercials in Japan that feature Kusanagi, including one by Toyota Motor Corp. It has also angered the government, which has designated Kusanagi to promote Japan’s shift to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. The group SMAP also enjoys popularity in many other Asian countries.
Kusanagi’s arrest at around 3 a.m. at the park next to Tokyo Midtown, a new landmark in Tokyo’s Roppongi-Akasaka area, came after a man living near the park called police to report someone yelling, police said. His apartment is also located in the Tokyo Midtown complex.
‘‘What’s wrong with being naked?’’ Kusanagi was quoted as telling a police officer, who was questioning him at the scene. Kusanagi was alone and resisted police questioning, prompting three police officers to cover him with a sheet and take him to a patrol car. The jeans and jacket he is believed to have worn were found in the park, investigators said.
According to the police, Kusanagi drank alcohol in Akasaka with two of his friends from Wednesday night to around 2 a.m. Thursday. After leaving the bar, he walked near the park with one of the friends and parted with her.
Police said Kusanagi was highly intoxicated as his alcohol level from a breathalyzer test conducted five hours after his arrest was 0.8 milligram per liter, five times higher than the limit for drunken driving.”


credits to


man, seriously.. he’s going to get it from the agency. For some reason I can’t help but feel like being an idol for so many years will make you crack one day. Of course I’m not basing it on anything, but I just felt like I need to say it.

On another note, I’ll prolly be inactive for awhile.. maybe.. school’s winding down and well that means finals. sigh. hopefully I’ll survive. I’ll have more time in the summer, so I might start translating again. As for the archive.. I”ll TRY to keep it updated weekly.. I might be gone for the next 4 weeks though.. we’ll see.


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