So I’m not the only one..

April 18, 2009

okay wow. Talk about coincidences.. check out this tribute video:

Yes. It is Hikaru and Minho! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t actually think that someone would also like the exact two people that I liked!! Although I guess maybe it’s because even though they have different personalities and stuff, they’re similar types of guys???


Oh yeah, don’t suppose anyone knows the fanmail address for SHINee?

I know that I can prolly look through the international forums, but is there any HQ scans of the magazine from this video? which I thought was REALLY cute. XD and I loved Minho’s pose… so hot and total drawing material!!!!

sigh~ I really really want to make a clay model of Minho.. such nice bone structure

Here’s a link to the interview at their photoshoot.. no subs though..

Anyone know if anyone subbed the behind the scenes of their reality tv show? sigh, this is making me want to learn korean so I can understand.. aldkfj.

Also, is it just me or are there like 3 or 4 songs in their album that are remakes from other songs? They have similar tunes to other songs I’ve heard before….


4 Responses to “So I’m not the only one..”

  1. mwtshinee Says:

    Yes, I have the HQ scans for this magazine ^^
    And shineee16 has the subs for it…If you just type in the search bar you can find it. :)And yes, SM made SHINee do a lot of cover songs…but they all sound really nice.

    • krooxy Says:

      found it! thx! Too bad she didn’t have it up to ep 8. I really like the ep with minho and that noona. so cute!

      Can you e-mail me the scans? or something?

      I always thought cover songs were just singing the actual songs with the lyrics.. not using the melody with a little mix to it. Aren’t those remakes?

  2. j-kido Says:

    this person has all the eps and the behind the scenes. you have to have a journal though.. it’s free.

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