Onew & Key, Can you tell?

April 17, 2009

You know, am I the only one that sometimes have trouble telling the difference between those two?

okay. Hold up. Before anyone starts getting angry, lemme say that I became a fan recently and don’t have the time to fully go all out fangirly and watch everything that SHINee’s in. Plus I don’t understand Korean so it’s not like I can watch the unsubbed videos. At least with Japanese, I can understand part of it.

Anyway, they look sooo similar!! I always have to hear them talk and act before I can tell who’s who. >< sigh.

  credits t[caption id=credits to darkdevil4bloodyvenus@WPcredits to darkdevil4bloodyvenus@WP

yeah. and if you couldn’t tell yourself, top is Onew and bottom is Key.

Oh and I really like thier song, Love’s Way. No MV but there’s eng subs.

lol. I like how I loved the song before I even understand the lyrics. lool..

edit: My favorite part is the part where Jonghyun sings “You’re my true love”<3


last note before I go back to homework.. I really hope Minho gets to do a LOT of dramas in the future. I think a lot of people are thinking he has the talent too. I mean seriously.. swoon~~~


3 Responses to “Onew & Key, Can you tell?”

  1. mwtshinee Says:

    Oh hi again ^^
    I love the song Love’s Way also. 😀
    Haha, well to me, they don’t look similar at all. When I first became a fan, I thought they looked completely different…I thought Key and Jonghyun looked more alike. LOL
    But anyway, once you look at a lot of their videos for a bit, you will know who is who…After you become a fan for some time, you’ll realize how much you confused them with one another when you first started liking them. That happened to me with Key and Jonghyun. But now I have no problems…:)
    There was news on this from ETN and they think Onew and Key look similar too…here is a link:

    It’s from my channel. ^^

    Yeah, I hope Minho gets more into acting and modeling…he was really good during the Reality Show and Clride.n (for April and March.)

    • krooxy Says:

      What’s Clride.n? I watched the Reality Show, which made me into a Minho fan.

      I suppose one way is to see what way their hair goes. I just noticed that their bangs are opposite.

  2. marimba Says:

    YEh I thought the same too! I couldnt tell who was who when i first watched them but now i can tell!

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