Convert to SHINee too! (Or add them to your list of who you’re a fan of)

April 14, 2009


credits to getlazy@wordpress (left to right: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key)

credits to getlazy@wordpress (left to right: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Key)




I feel like I’m betraying JE by being brainwashed and converted to K-pop due to various groups.. like SHINee! Watch this video. You’ll love them too. (Well actually, if you’re into looks, that’s prolly not the best video to watch since they all have bad haircuts making them all look the same except for Jonghyun. =___=…) It’s the best song ever btw ❤ oh yeah and Rino Nakasone from Beat Freakz from America’s Best Dance Crew season 3 was the choreographer.

This is another one of my favorite songs! No MV though. Romantic!

But seriously, they’re awesome. You have to watch their reality TV show. There’s 35 videos but it’s totally worth it!!! Here’s a link to the playlist but yeah. If you’re too lazy, just watch ep 8 and the last ep. It’s so kute. I love Minho! ❤ But seriously.. watch all of it if you don’t want to miss anything.

Personally, I prefer SHINee compared to U-Kiss. Even if U-Kiss is more talented in language.. I feel like SHINee has better company songwriters, MV directors, and overall promoters… but that’s cuz SHINee is from SM entertainment..  still.. they have better training? iono.. U-Kiss has a long way to go to reach that level… and is it just me or does U-Kiss seem to look younger than SHINee? (Even though they’re the same age and a little older than SHINee)

credits to sohotonasia@wordpress

credits to sohotonasia@wordpress

well one thing’s for sure.. SHINee is definitely more popular since they have a HUGE international forum and won ALL of the newcomer awards for last year. Although Ukiss still has a very nice website and one of the members is the little brother of a member in SS501.

Either way, both groups have better clothing than JE.. especially when JE groups are having a concert with those gross clashing outfits. sigh. =___= They have so much money, it wouldn’t hurt to spend it on better clothes.. and maybe actually AIM to become international? Arashi, NEWS, and KAT-TUN have started doing that but come on.. they should be able to do better.. not only that but stop having the 1000000 mini kids on the stage.. especially for groups as big as HSJ. Too chaotic! alskdfjalds. Although JE gets a lot of points for having so many magazines dedicated to them. I still think they should work on other areas though. They already sold enough personality. Do better!


5 Responses to “Convert to SHINee too! (Or add them to your list of who you’re a fan of)”

  1. mwtshinee Says:

    Haha, new SHinee fan! I loved SHINee for a long time ^^
    But the Replay MV is pretty old, and all of them have different looks now. I wish they had different hair. LOL. Out of their MV’s, I like AMIGO the best. But yeah, they have 3. They have changed a lot. Taemin doesn’t have that mushroom cut anymore.
    Here is a vid of their most recent photoshoot: com/watch?v=Zhq5X_Ui_7g
    (no space)

    But now, they are on break and their hair grew really long. >.> I hope their stylist will cut it. Hahah.

    Oh, I like U-Kiss too! They are cute too~
    But I think their fame isn’t as recongized because of their concepts for clothing and MV’s. They are great in English and have strong points like SHINee too. ^^

    • krooxy Says:

      Yeah I recently saw all of their MVs too. Although I have to ask, how does the word “Amigo” fit within the song o__O or do they not mean the spanish word “Amigo”?

      As for U-Kiss.. they’re alright. They have good English but I really didn’t like their song “Not Young”.. It seemed a little bratty.. but that might just be me.

      • mwtshinee Says:

        The word has an alternate meaning in their song. ^^ The song name is supposed to be “Ah.Mi.Go”, and has a acronym meaning behind it. The full “title/sentence” is 아’름다운 ‘미’녀를 좋아하면 ‘고’생한다, which means “If you love a beautiful girl, you will go through many hardships.” But it’s more commonly named just as AMIGO. That explains why Minho was chasing that girl in the MV. And you’ll understand more of it if you find the video with english subs. ^^ The whole thing makes more sense that way.

        I though U-Kiss’s “Not Young” was okay. I didn’t like the MV or lyrics, but the beat was good. I didn’t really like the little english part in the beginning. XD
        But my favorite song from them is Talk to Me. 🙂

        • krooxy Says:

          Ohh!! I get it now! Usually the vid with english subs just sub the lyrics and not the title so I was really confused.

          Yeah I didn’t like the english part in the beginning either for “Not Young”

  2. mwtshinee Says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell you…the first pic of your blog isn’t working. Just wanted to let you know incase you didn’t see it. ^^

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