Oguri Shun might be in Gokusen movie~

April 6, 2009

Heh heh. well this is all gossip but just think! season 1 people might be back! Personally I rather see Matsujun be back and have him make a move on Yankumi. XD loolll. XD XD but yeah..

so despite the horrible season 3 of gokusen and the over repetitive-ness of the storyline… I might consider watching it if Oguri is back. XD

Here’s the full post.


One Response to “Oguri Shun might be in Gokusen movie~”

  1. Pocco Says:

    I want both Sawada Shin and Uchi back in the Gokusen movie!!! They have Akame back, so why not both Jun and Shun? *cries* Oh, Koike Teppei will be back too, along with Ishigaki Yuma from season 1…*googles* O__O! He was the 1st dorm leader in Hana Kimi!! I find it funny how so many Hana Kimi ppl are appearing in all these dramas and movies now. XD

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