Whoa. Miyavi and Melody married?!

March 28, 2009

okay whoa. Like seriously, whoa.

I mean like I don’t really keep up with Miyavi and Melody or anything but my friend is ai big Miyavi fan so I was surprised to hear about this first from uwasako@LJ and then jpopasia.. like seriously.. whoa.

but YAAY! Congrats!

There seriously need more people in the entertainment industry to be married.

Anyway I wonder how they got together and for how long… my friend said that Melody friends with a DJ for Miyavi.. or at least through MySpace and she posted a message on the page.. but dunno.

Miyavi’s going to give an official announcement on April 5th at his concert in Tokyo though!

Oh and did I mention that she’s pregnant? and she’s not going to sing anymore? she’s going to try to become a fashion designer! (The only song I know by her is “Miss You” with m-flo)

so yeah. Congrats~~~~

EDIT: btw Miyavi posted an official announcement on his myspace so that would be more accurate than other stuff.


5 Responses to “Whoa. Miyavi and Melody married?!”

  1. empresscomplexity Says:

    My guess is that Miyavi and Melody met when he was a guest on the show she used to host.
    He was a guest on the show a couple of times while melody was the host.
    the show is called J-melo
    (if you didn’t know)

    • krooxy Says:

      oh whoa~ didn’t know that. I just watched the vid of them.. was that really the first time they met each other? Wasn’t that like.. early last year?! and they married in october? wow.

      • Mizumi Says:

        WAT!?………….they didn’t marry on october……………it was at March 14
        2009…………..myv posted that at myspace………………….

        • krooxy Says:

          ah sorry about that. I posted this earlier when the news leaked out so it wasn’t entirely accurate. Thx for letting me know.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    even though miyavi already married,we as a fan we only can pray for his happiness wif melody….^_^

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