Utada Hikaru is going to be in NYC! HELL YEAH!

March 14, 2009

This is so awesome~~ She’s going to be in NYC on the 25th! which means I can go because SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! hell yeah! She’s going to promote her album and have an autograph session at Sephora on 5th Ave.~~~

Oh yeah and even though it says to call the store, you don’t have to. I already did and she said that it’s first come first serve. It was actually pretty funny when I called because I think she had a lot of people calling her about Utada Hikaru. lool.. XD

Anyway.. what should I do~~ What should I get her to sign?! AHHHH!!! ><;;; and of course I’ll take pictures~ ❤


but uh…

You think it’ll be okay to tell her that for her next album to get a better graphic designer? o_____________O cuz seriously, this cover has horrible font and composition… BUT her MV is awesome! good quality!

Oh and for other people around the States, she’s stopping by these places too. All at Sephora.

Location: Hollywood & Highland 
6801 – Hollywood Blvd. 
Hollywood, CA 90028 
Time: 6-8PM 

Location: 597 5th Avenue 
New York, NY 10017 
Time: 6-8PM 


Location: 19575 Biscayne Blvd. 
Aventura, FL 33180 
Time: 7-9PM


3 Responses to “Utada Hikaru is going to be in NYC! HELL YEAH!”

  1. Pocco Says:

    Hi! I haven’t posted a comment on your blog for a while. ^^;;
    The most reasonable thing for Utada Hikaru to sign would be her new album, right? Unless you have a poster of her or something, I think the album cover would be good since there’s quite a lot of empty space there for an autograph and it’s the most direct way of showing her that you’re supporting her in the US. But seriously, that pic is really the cover of her album? o_O It can be so much prettier than that. =__= On the other hand, I really like the MV too!
    Ah! Utada is coming to LA, except my spring break is over by then, so I don’t think I can go… *goes check out the songs on the new album*

    • krooxy Says:

      you know what i realized? it’s not like I can buy the album she’s promoting right now because it’s not going to be released until like May.. or at least that’s what I read.. it’ll be available digitally on the 24th though.

  2. Pocco Says:

    Oh, that’s too bad. Ummm…maybe buy one of her older albums or singles to get her autograph? Or at least a magazine page with her pic on it? I dunno…I hope you have fun that day!

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