Tohoshinki’s version of One Piece’s “We Are” + Other singles

March 6, 2009

Wow I was totally shocked to find that Tohoshinki did the new opening for One Piece. It was like the time when I found out that Tackey and Tsubasa did one of the opening songs too. Here’s a link to THSK’s “We Are” if you wanted to download it. I also didn’t know that there was a new MV/single, “Survivor”. Wow I’m behind the times, but I like it.

(Don’t you think its like a little.. iono.. J-rock style of clothing or feeling or dancing? maybe that’s just me.. although I should say anything since I haven’t seen much of J-rock.. it just doesn’t really feel like J-pop..)

Anyway it’s kind of funny because I don’t know anything about THSK but I love their songs..well.. 4 of them anyway. lol. Their looks are.. meh. not my cup of tea but that doesn’t matter because it’s all about their music! (Although when I say that, I feel like I’m insulting HSJ because I love them more for their personalities than their music.. =____=..)

mmm do they write their own songs? Apparently yes. Or at least Kiss the Sky Baby and 忘れないで! Anyway Check out Bolero! Here’s a link to the Movie Version MV. I like that one better than the one I posted below


One Response to “Tohoshinki’s version of One Piece’s “We Are” + Other singles”

  1. saobell Says:


    i had heard it from my friend, 5 of the main actors were all involved in accidents. but, the story was going on smoothly, and the actor and actress seems happy when filming it.

    hm.. but cursed? this word scares me..
    nope. i don’t think so. maybe just coincidence?
    hmmm… no one knows~

    sorry for stalking ur wordpress. hehe..
    im saobell, nice to meet you, and i am huge fan of BOF! especially, Lee Min Ho, aka, Jun Pyo.

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