Links Updates!

February 22, 2009

Hey people~

Just wanted to say that I updated some of the scan links. I’m still working on putting links to all of the photo scans but at least all the magazine scans are pretty up to date. I clumped all the Scrap Teacher and Gokusen scans together since there were a lot that didn’t have the title or dates of the magazines. So it’s in a mess and the best I could do is just number them. BUT for the ones that had dates, I put listed them with all of the other magazine scan links. so yep!

Anyway wow people are updating a whole lot lately. Just to tell you, I probably won’t update the archives until the end of the week and if I update earlier.. well that just means I’m procrastinating on homework. ahahhah… yeah.


One Response to “Links Updates!”

  1. Syafiq Says:

    Pliz2! update it! update it! onegai!

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