Stupid Copyrights.. and LOL tabloids!

February 13, 2009

Am I the only one that thinks that it’s stupid how Rain’s new name as a singer in the US will be “The Rain”? I mean seriously.. and it’s only for America too… geez. plus it’s only for singing. As an actor, Rain is still “Rain”… sigh. but dam.. the other group sure knows when to sue… all because of that, Rain’s popularity DIED. He was going to make a great US debut but whoops~ copyright infringement!!! so stupid~~~ He could have just used Bi. or something..

Anyway.. this is the funniest thing I read. Tanaka Koki slept with a guy unknowingly?! Well technically the guy had a sex change before they met.. so she’s a girl? but yeah.. still interesting. Oh here’s a follow-up.

yeah.. anwyay it’s late. I’ll come up with a real update sometime soon. Oh yeah I already finished going through boys_paper and hey_say for mag scans and translations. So they’re up to date!!! HURRAH!!!


One Response to “Stupid Copyrights.. and LOL tabloids!”

  1. theblueseaside Says:

    yea.. i thought it was super stupid as if i’d cost them millions $$ juz because of the name?

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