Rise of the Chinese/Taiwanese Boy Bands!!!

January 30, 2009

I was searching up about Lollipop after finishing Brown Sugar Micchiato in two days and procrastinating on homework.. and look what I stumbled upon! Personally, I extremely agree with how it’s ridiculous how many boy bands are forming. Sigh. Plus there’s the whole article about how people who are getting music awards are more and more about a pretty face than talent. (Although I don’t blame them. I’m shallow too sometimes!) I lost the link to that one, so sorry!

Anyway, Lollipop is so interesting because they all have each of their blogs where they upload a bunch of photos of themselves and co-workers during their worktime. As much as I would LOOOVE to keep up to date with Lollipop and other people, I just don’t have time and too much time has passed to let me keep up with them.  (yeah.. Fahrenheit.. wasn’t that great. I’m sorry, after their HORRIBLE Japanese single.. ew.. although I still like Aaron! ❤ Haven’t seen their most recent dramas so I wouldn’t know much about them now) I mean seriously, JE is so much easier because they always have articles in monthly magazines. So you get to know more about the people easier.

But seriously, this is totally reminding me of the Backstreet Boys and N’sync era. lool.. except in ASIA! and it’s Fahrenheit vs Lollipop. lol. I feel so out of the loop… even hearing people talk about Jonas Brothers is weird. I never heard of them until this year. That’s when I realized that I really am old.

Anyway yeah. Oh.. and if you haven’t seen/heard it already, I LOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!! XD XD read the lyrics! XD (It’s lee hom’s 我完全沒有任何理由理你 [I have absolutely no reason to pay attention to you])

Here’s an article about him. It was nice to read an intelligent-like conversation between a reporter and a celebrity. I mean seriously, most conversations are all about things you don’t need any knowledge about.. (yeah I felt stupid because I didn’t understand some of it too; excuse me for not studying classical music) 


One Response to “Rise of the Chinese/Taiwanese Boy Bands!!!”

  1. idarklight Says:

    Were you talking about the article titled “Older Chinese Singers Criticize the New Wave of “Idol” Singers in China”?

    I think, though, in that particular award (Wind and Cloud Newcomers), around half of the singers really love singing and are talented musicians. Most of the Super Boys (Wei Chen – best overall, Wang Yuexin – best song, Allen Su- best composing artist, and of those who didn’t win, Chen Chusheng and Lu Hu, both amazing composers) love music and make their own music. There’s also Wang Ruolin and Lin Yoga. Even Top Combine’s Zhang Yuan and Ma Xueyang are quite hardcore about music. Ma Xueyang composed Cotton Candy, and Zhang Yuan says that he has composed, too. (but of course, they belong in the Super Boy category)

    btw. a large majority Chinese celebs have blogs…it’s semi-required by some companies.

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