Duet January 2009 translation: Hikaru’s Part ONLY

January 24, 2009

So just because I take too long translating stuff and I started to translate manga chapters too, I’m going to only do Hikaru’s since he’s my favorite. He’s so cute and romantic. awwwww ❤ Thank you to Diadrei for help and proofreeding <3<3<3 Anyway here’s the original scan by Happytown!


credits to Happytown!

credits to Happytown!

 Onto the translation!


Yaotome Hikaru

Dream 1
I want to try to sing a song by myself that I wrote the lyrics and composition to at the concert. I write lyrics that are straight forward and honest feeling kind of songs, but composing music is hard. I thought that if I wanted to write proper music, knowledge is necessary and I also need techniques. I’m maybe not ready to write one piece all by myself but, I want to grant that wish. The first song yappari should be rock. I also want to write a love song some day, but I feel shy/awkward putting love into words.

Dream 2
Long time ago, I used to see my dreams all the time but, once I became a high school student, I couldn’t see them. But when I got a fever from a cold, I had a dream about my body becoming really big. I was a little bigger than the size of my house, but this is such an awkward size (bigger than a house but not as big as a monster). Why couldn’t I have been a giant as big as Ultraman (laugh). Every time I walked, I would destroy houses and buildings. I become so sad that I start running around crying in the dream. Then, the instant I opened my eyes, for some reason I standing in the kitchen of my house (laugh).

Dream 3
If it’s possible, I want to take a picture of the person I like for her. There are sceneries that are so pretty to the naked eye, but once a picture is taken, it’s really hard to capture the essence/emotional/moving feeling in the photo. Kind of like a unexpected typical scenic photo, you know. That’s why I would save a picture of the girl I like in a pretty scenic photo for memories. It’s okay if I’m not in the picture because I want to be the one that takes the picture. Right now, I’m interested in cameras, especially a classic/real single lens camera.

Dream 4
I want to spend Christmas with the girl I like, but yappari it’s just a dream. I want to ride a ferris wheel together. And then, I would giver her the time that will keep a wonderful smile on her face. Around summer I just can’t help but want to ride a ferris wheel. I wonder if it’s because during SUMMARY, I gaze at the ferris wheel near the work place everyday? And then, I want to also try riding a houseboat. The two of us will quietly gaze at the city’s illumination reflected on the rippling water’s surface!

Dream 5
Ordinarily, I don’t eat sweets at home, but when I have to study and in the middle of reading, I start craving for a sweet snack. It’s a habit from a long time ago. In order to put something in your brain, you have to put a treat in your stomach or else your body doesn’t work (laugh). My last high school test is going to start very soon,I have to buy snacks. Right now, I can’t help having fun at school. When I think how little time is left in high school, I start panicking. I’m hanging out with my friends so much, we don’t even leave each other alone (laugh).


This totally inspired me to write a fanletter to him. XD


2 Responses to “Duet January 2009 translation: Hikaru’s Part ONLY”

  1. Leen Says:

    This is sooo sweet~~

  2. j-kido Says:

    wow thank you for translating. ferris wheels are romantic i think..

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