Wink Up December 2008 translation: Hikaru’s Part ONLY

January 13, 2009

So recently I’ve decided that since I have so much extra time (actually not THAT much but still quite a lot), I’m going to improve my Japanese significantly. With the help of my friend, I’m going to do serious studying in my free time. As practice, I translated Hikaru’s part and well we’ll see if I will translate the others.. doubt it though. But, if you want to read Chinen’s part, this person already translated it. You can read it here.

Anyway the original scan is here and credits to nantokaa and ryosukeyamada.. I’m confused on who actually scanned it but I downloaded from nantokaa.. she f-locked the entry by now so you’ll have to friend her if you want the other pages.

credit to nantooka and ryosukeyamada

credit to nantooka and ryosukeyamada

Onto the translation!


\\This is where I’m strong at compared to the other members!//

Right now, if I see an opening, I would quickly make a gag (laugh). You know the moment I first noticed I like laughs? The fact is, it was late but I realized that pretty recently. Up until now, you can say that I was more of a natural at being funny*? I wasn’t trying to be funny but it just naturally happened. But once I was became a 3rd year in high school, I seriously began thinking about the stupid boke* jokes (laugh). I realized in the talks before the songs on “Hi! Hey! Say!” that I liked making the guests laugh a lot… recently I think that’s where I’m been putting all my efforts.

*He says tennen which is short for tennen boke which means the type of funny stupid. Click here for a better explanation from wiki.


\\This is where I’m weak at compared to the other members!//

I’m really bad when members are like “Hey, do what you did last time! that funny thing!”. I really want to meet their expectations but I’m always like “Eh? Eh? What time? What did I do?”~ (laugh).


\\I’m helpful in JUMP in this way!//

Yappari, it’s giving everyone a fun time. For example, when we have work early in the morning, yappari everyone is quiet ne. At those times, I think “it’s my turn”. And besides that, I increase the enthusiasm too much in the car when we return. Inoo-chan’s excitement is easiest to control. Inoo-chan’s button switch is really really big (laugh). It’s a bright red button, approximately 20 cm diameter on the middle of his back…so it’s pretty easy (laugh).


\\The new song “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy”. Tell us how you enjoyed being one rank up.//

I put on my headphones and listened to the CD countless times, absorbing it. And then I listened for everyone’s part in the song and sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the voices. When I’m singing casually, there would be times when someone would say “Ah, that’s Yabu’s part” (laugh).


\\Recent Condition//

The other time there was a Culture Festival. Our 1200 daigaku-imo (sweet potato dish) were sold out. Also, from a girl who I normally don’t talk to, she asked me for a favor: “Can you go buy this” (laugh). It was fun new experience. There was a dance contest at the Cultural festival, and the team that I choreographed won. And then later everyone in class threw pies at each other and with cream on our faces we took a group picture to remember. On the last day, the sunset was so beautiful, I almost cried. Iya~, that’s youth. That scene was burned into my mind. I will never forget this for the rest of my life.


?! He thought it was fun new experience?! This is like a manga or drama! They’re going to fall in love and he’ll enjoy going to school more because he’ll see her but oh no they are graduating! BUT she goes to Inoo’s college so he manages to see her but Inoo falls in love with her too and then makes a move on her and Hikaru get’s jealous and love triangle fight! Gahhh! Meanwhile both have to keep it a secret from the millions of fangirls but it slips out and AHHH! Johnny punishes both of them and then! err… yeah iono how it’ll end. lool..


2 Responses to “Wink Up December 2008 translation: Hikaru’s Part ONLY”

  1. fati miyabi Says:

    eh?? wonder who ws tht girl?? :C
    im feeling down.. hahaha
    lucky girl.. she caughts hikaru’s
    attention….and also inoo’s…

    tnx for d ths article..

    • krooxy Says:

      lol. the last part was just something I was making up. lool. It’s not real. but if it was like that I would laugh sooo hard because it would be such a stereotypical storyline in dramas.

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