Help advocate for Arashi to have a US Concert!

January 9, 2009

So Pocco sent me this link to basically sign a petition to have Arashi come to the US for a concert, well more like North America. I still don’t understand why they haven’t had a US concert yet when there’s soo many J-rock groups that have tons of concerts here.. then again, we ARE talking about the J-pop industry and they will no way have an overseas concert unless they are 100% sure that all of the tickets would be sold. I mean, come on. Look at Rain. His first US concert? not even a full concert.. (well it was in LV.. and then later there were name copyright issues which totally sucked). Look at Jay Chou! He didn’t have a US concert until last year! and He’s been popular since like.. I don’t know.. FOREVER!?


Anyway, please join and sign it!

Another thing I wanted to mention was wow.. they really read the fan letters. (Although it sure doesn’t sound like Ohno’s voice.. then again I only know his voice from Maou.. yes, I’m not a huge fan of Arashi but I love their works in dramas. ❤ ) Anyway here’s a link to the audio of EVIDENCE that they read fan letters!


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