Myojo 0811 HSB Ideal Girl Code Translation~

January 7, 2009

Sorry, I only did HSB for the Ideal Girl Clothing code~ Maybe if I really wanted to, I’ll do HS7, but considering I’m not as big of a fan of them as HSB… yeah.. lol. Special thanx to chocomari and pocco. (They practically translated everything. I was only interested in Hikaru, Daiki and Inoo.. lol) Oh and as usual, please credit!!!

Here’s the original scan:

Yura @ gogobox yamadaryosuke + yoona_cute@LJ

Credits : Yura @ gogobox yamadaryosuke + yoona_cute@LJ

And here’s the juicy translation ❤


Presenting the Desired Ideal Code!
Ideal Coordinate by Hey!Say!JUMP members
Yuya Takaki, Kota Yabu, Daiki Arioka, Kei Inoo, Hikaru Yaotome

Yabu Kota’s Code
Not Frill 

A long T-shirt with sleeves just long enough to the wrist would be good. Because with those clothes, the girl’s silhouette at times such as sunset is pretty.

My clothes are also like that, but I don’t really like a specific fashion. That’s why for girls also, simple short denim is good. Frilly things are a little no. When I see it, “Eh!?” is what I think ne.

[Shoes, Accessories, etc.]
For girls who wear hats, I somehow think they’re pretty. I hope the color would be my favorite black. For shoes, I like pumps. But, getting their heel stuck in a manhole on the road and not being able to move seem terrible. That kind of time, I want to help the girl ❤ For the ears, when their hair is tied up, I want to see a small piercing that can be seen flickering. I’m not picky about bigs, but if they have lip cream and hand cream, I think those girls are good ne.

Takaki Yuya’s Code

Don’t you think “lines” look good when they’re used in girl’s tops? I think one of the ways a girl can pull this off is by wearing a simple striped shirt. I really don’t like girls who wear frilly-esque clothes….(NG) If I were to pick my “Best tops” look, I’d say the 3/4 sleeve shirts! Pick a shirt with pink in it and showing a bit of feminism is the best ❤

Something that balances top’s T-shirt well is definitely jeans. Not those skinny jeans, but’s jeans that are a little baggy. I’ve always thought that was so fashionable.

[Shoes, Accessories, etc.]
My ideal “total image” is similar to “ura-harajuku” fashion…so that would mean tennis shoes for shoes, a back pack for purse. But! since this would be too casual, so a necklace! Not “jyara-jyara” (a lot), but maybe one gold necklace. I definitely want to meet a girl like this~!

Yaotome Hikaru’s Code
Not brand

Right now, the longish one piece sweater I saw is in fashion ne. That is really cute ♥. For me, since I want a girl with rough style clothing, if she came in wearing those clothes [the one piece sweater] at a date “I just came with what I usually wear” that kind of thing will make me go doki doki (laugh). I’m not picky about the color, but I’ll give a point for the illustration on the shirt for fashion sense/stylish ne.

I like shorts that match. Tight miniskirts are also good, but either if they are covered by the sweater, that would be good … huh? Even though I already said that I like rough style, isn’t this more of the sexy type?! (laugh)

[Shoes, Accessories, etc]
For shoes, it should be rough sneakers. I’m not picky about the bag, but not brand name! For the rest, since I don’t like brand name stuff, I absolutely don’t have any. The accessory should be a bulky silver chain. For hair accessory, something small is my taste (music note)

Inoo Kei’s Code

Since I want girls to try different tastes and wear clothes that go well with mine, I don’t really want to decide on a certain style. Jya, if it’s the first date… For me, about fluffy fur material? Because I’m waiting for a girl who wears that kind of clothes, when I get a glimpse of that, I get doki. Yappari, the color should be white!

Of course pants are okay, but right now I think I somehow like a fluttering skirt (musical note)

[Shoes, Accessories, etc.]
For shoes, brown long boots. And then, wearing a hat to make it more like fall style would be good ne. The accessory should be my present to her! During the date, I’ll give a cute design necklace. The bag should be girly and small, and matches western clothes. By the way, I can see guys who carry their girlfriends’ bags. But for me, I’d feel embarrassed to do that and tell my girlfriend to hold it herself (laugh). Sorry!

Daiki Arioka’s Code

At any rate, I really like rough style! So, compared to a pretty blouse or something like that, I prefer a simple one-piece T-shirt. Though the appearance is boyish, a casual girl style and cute words printed on the shirt is something I like better.

I don’t like people who are revealing, so I like the jeans type better than the skirt type. For the jeans, I want to remake them by painting colors and sticking crests on them. (music note)

[Shoes, Accessories, etc]
Really, I want her to wear stylish boots, but now when I think of walking together, sneakers are better. Boots, they’re hard to put on and take off, so they’re hard to walk in too, right? For carrying, only a little, the bag should be small. And, I’ll be happy if she has a music player in her bag. Normally, don’t you have earphones in both of your ears when listening to music by yourself? But for me, there should be one earphone in the girl’s and my ear because I want to listen together!


5 Responses to “Myojo 0811 HSB Ideal Girl Code Translation~”

  1. lizzieenvious Says:

    Please do HS7. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.

  2. ryu Says:

    do hs7’s translation! Please!

  3. KappaChii Says:

    Thank you!
    Please to HS7! I’ve litterly spent 2 days looking everywhere for them!

  4. Sora Says:

    Anou.. Could you do HS7 please?? T__T no one else has this up, and I was hoping that I would be able to find it here.. Thank you!

  5. Angela Says:

    all I have to say is…Thank you for doing Hey Say Best! I really appreciate it-they are so cuute! i was waiting for theirs also. I find it funny that Inoo and Daiki’s taste are completely opposite-haha InooDai ♥

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