January 6, 2009

HELL YEAH! An HSJ member is accepted into COLLEGE!!! and which one? MEIJI UNIVERSITY!! and what department?! DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE, SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY!!!! and what does that mean?!! 

I don’t know.. I’m really confused about his major BUT I’m really happy. I’m glad his parents care and made sure he gets a legit degree and go to college and stuff instead of relying on the entertainment industry only.. College is important and I’m glad that there are increasing numbers of JE ppl getting and going to college. PLUS, there’s no controversy whether or not Inoo Kei got into the school because of his hard work. Like seriously, he’s not as popular as Yamapi so haters can’t say that his acceptance is a fluke. HAH! take that!




Please go to college… *prays* I really really really want him to get into college.. (even if my friend’s uncle says that all people learn in college over there is how to drink.. I say he’s exaggerating because its not like in America, people don’t learn how to drink..)


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