Finally! Information about how to get J-webs!

January 2, 2009

I was actually searching the net for Johnny’s Family Club website because I vaguely remembered going to some website for like official fanclub or something because I was trying to find the address so I could send a fan letter.. anyway, I stumbled on this useful site. It’s a Tackey fansite and it has a lot of stuff.


To the important part!!!!


FINALLY! Information about how people in Japan subscribed to the J-web! Not that I really understand it that well because I don’t live in Japan or have a cellphone so I don’t understand but I still found this useful because no one ever talks about how they get J-webs in the LJ communities except that it’s through a Japanese cellphone.

ANYWAY. here’s a link to it and scroll down to Johnny’s web. I assume that it applies to all of the artists and not only Tackey. (Although I didn’t know that other artists HAVE J-webs.. I kind of assume HSJ were the only ones…) Anyway yeah. I feel accomplished. lol. yes. Accomplished because I discovered this clue. oh and as for what HSJ’s corner would be called.. I’m guessing… JUMPaper? No one uses that term lately except for me.. but I only used it cuz that’s what people in the beginning called it before they switched it to J-web.. so yeah.

ANYWAY~ hope that was helpful!! oh and don’t ask how to access Tackey’s J-web translations on that site because I don’t know and its like almost 4 in the morning so I”m sleeping. nite~


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