Happy New Years Eve~~

December 31, 2008

How in the world does Kinokuniya not have any of the january issues out? Heck, they only had December issues for Myojo and Wink up. @_@ bleh. Oh well.. Anyway, I wanted to share this link with everyone! Someone came back from Japan and took pics of all the Christmas / New Year cards that HSJ ppl wrote and posted up at Johnny’s Family Club!! …except she forgot to take a pic of Hikaru’s…  T______T oh well… sigh.

I actually didn’t know that you could go in and visit.. I should have done that when I was in Shibuya during the summer.. phooey.. oh well..

Anyway, to the important question.. anyone know how to subscribe to Potato/Wink Up/Duet? and how much it is??


3 Responses to “Happy New Years Eve~~”

  1. Pocco Says:

    you can subscribe to those magazines through kinokuniya. i asked them before, but i don’t remember the prices exactly. you can either subscribe for 6 months or 12 months, and of course, it’s a bit cheaper for a whole year. it’s more expensive for air mail than for sea mail. i think the price for a year of air mail is like $90-100, and for sea mail is like $70-80. maybe i’m just making these numbers out. i have the flyer in my dorm room, so i can tell you the exact prices later. also, i don’t think they mail them to you anymore. you have to go to kinokuniya to pick them up yourself.
    my own opinion: it’s not a whole lot cheaper to subscribe than to buy them one by one. of course subscription guarantees that you get an issue each month. but unless you really really like ONE magazine for their photoshoots and contents, i don’t recommend subscription. i personally prefer having a variety of magazines as my possession and only buying the ones that have the best stuff. yeah.

  2. Pocco Says:

    bleh. got some typos in my comment above.
    i forgot to put this in. a je fan took pics of all the groups’ christmas/new year’s messages.
    HSJ: http://a6.vox.com/6a00d41437a0746a4701098159d6c6000d-pi
    not very clear, but just good enough to read the words, i guess. took me a while to figure out which one is hikaru’s.
    for other groups’ messages, they’re in her blog.

  3. krooxy Says:

    oh wow~ thank you so much pocco <3<3<3

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