Littlix! is gone?!

December 29, 2008

Wow.. I’m really late in this but the forum Littlix is gone! I guess I should have checked more often but I never thought such a big forum will disappear because of server problems.. sad too because it had a lot of news/info.. here’s a link to the admin’s post about it.

I’m not sure if the fanletter address is right since the forum is gone so yeah. Anyway I put the address on the Hey Say JUMP page for people in case they decided to send a letter~

So merry christmas and happy new year! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. This break has been as busy as school @_@ I practically travelled everywhere and only met 9 of my high school friends out of only two days of my break. bleh. well and I suppose that my love for HSJ is dwindling a bit (sort of)…actually JE in general.. there’s just no time for it lately.

BUT no worries. I’ll start translating again soon~


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