Mendol.. ROFLMAO…

December 15, 2008

lol.. oh wow.. The whole concept or plotline of this drama is hilarious and I wonder why no one thought of doing this before.. lol.. It’s basically about how three girls want to be idols but they end up debuting as a male visual kei band or idol. loool. and the hilarious part is that they look like cute guys. lool.. XD totally making fun of the fact that nowadays most girls like cute girly looking guys. loooooool…


Anyway not exactly the type of drama I was looking for but I thought it was worth mentioning about. You can definately tell that they’re the same people but yet at the same time..

DOESN”T THE “GUY” ON THE RIGHT LOOK LIKE CHINEN?! The one in the middle looks like YAMADA!.. or am I the only one that thinks so?

I bet these girls could totally dress up as guys and a bunch of fangirls might mistaken them for Chinen and Yamada.. XD except I’m pretty sure the girls are taller than them so it would be funny if someone mistakes them and was like omg~ Chinen and Yamada grew taller! loool. ahahhah


4 Responses to “Mendol.. ROFLMAO…”

  1. Pocco Says:

    lol. yesss! the girls are totally look-a-likes of chinen and yamada! xD random: how tall are chinen and yamada now? i’m sure they must’ve have grown quite a bit since debut when i thought they were tiny…and cute.

  2. heysaylover Says:

    wats this drama called?

  3. bhim Says:

    ..hey there, i was just looking around your blog, then i saw this.
    i agree about your comment about the drama.
    there were just some ecchi parts but overall, it was good. this drama was the reason why i’m addicted to their group right now,. and riku, looked really like a real guy!! i almost fell for him/her. hahaha.

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