Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.11.09 translation!

December 8, 2008

YAAYY! done~ This time the translation was from KATY’s chinese translation but I got it off of Happytown’s site. Here’s the link to the Chinese translation. And as usual, please credit pocco-moco and me. Actually just say “credit to kamiki_crepes“.

Anyway. yeah. I’m going to try to translate more cuz finals are over!!!! w00t!! yay!

oh yeah and new layout if you haven’t noticed~ Even though I spent so long on my banner, I like this layout better..it’s easier on the eyes to read..


Recently ne, you can’t just walk outside wearing only a T-shirt. It’s beginning to get cold like that.
Last time when it was my turn, it was still the season where you would sweat while just walking outside ne.
Time passes really quickly (sweatdrop)
Now, I already need to wear a scarf when I go outside ne. Is it because the birds feel the coldness of the wind while flying, so you see them often stopping on house rafters or on the telephone lines?
When I go outside, I don’t sweat any more. Instead, I sneeze non-stop.
It’s this kind of season.
However, in this cold weather, what’s waiting for us isn’t the north wind. It also isn’t the common cold.

Yes! It’s the concert! In the summer, it’s natural to have one. Even when it’s winter, we also need to hold a concert energetically. [maybe there’re more accurate words than “energetically”…but close enough ^^:]
This time, the concert will have Yabu and I be in the heart of it with everyone in JUMP together to plot it. Right now it’s like that feeling, working hard on planning the concert. For me, when I’m imagining the concert’s stuff, one of the first things that comes into my consideration is the main “theme”.
This time the theme we thought of was “JUMP”, you can say that it was this kind of feeling.
JUMP is our group name, and at the same time the movement of “pa” hopping up is also called JUMP.
Besides, JUMP is like jumping to the next level, or is it aiming for a target and jumping a big step? Like those kind of things, it’s a feeling of the power to move upwards vigorously. [sounds awkward. lol. whatever.]
Using that powerful strength, I want to have fun and enjoy with everyone at the venue together. So this time the theme will be JUMP.
Recently, I’ve been discussing a lot with Yabu about the concert stuff.
For the rest, I’ve been getting a lot of suggestions from the other 8. I’m slowly able to see the model of it, and I’m looking forward to seeing a really awesome performance.
Please look forward to it.
The topic about the concert will end here!
But I also want to talk about what I’ve been up to.
The most recent popular thing. It was popular from before.
I want to write about that kind of thing.
The recent popular thing is,

Scrap sensei!
Super addictive ne! They already showed 4 episodes and I still haven’t been able to see them, but I plan to start watching now. Once I saw those 4 people come out in the TV, everyone gave off a different feeling~ This is what I felt.
Especially Chinen, I don’t know why that role fits, but the audience watching will naturally get into the storyline.
It was this kind of feeling (~0~)
But there’s still the BEST member, Arioka-kun.
After watching and watching, I discovered something unexpected.

Compare Chinen.
He looks like he’s even younger. (laugh)
Yuto changed into an adult-like person a long time ago. Comparing him to Dai-chan, he even looks like a sempai/senior. But, if even Chinen looked like a sempai….
Then I’ll feel like human growth is amazing!
And then I have another thing.

And that is pool.
I go with Keito to play a lot ne. Keito’s really strong.
He sounds like he’s gentle, but when he’s play pool, there’s not doubt, he’s a devil!
Even though I want to improve, Keito doesn’t even give me time to improve.
The game will just start, and then in a flash, Keito will just win.
Seriously though, there’s not even time for me to cry.
Really! I can’t break through this iron wall (laugh)
When walking down the street with that kind of Keito, sometimes. Sometimes I think “Westerner?”.
One day we were hanging out, Keito asked me “How come on the holidays girls in Japan still wear uniforms?”
Wah! I really wanted to say, this is really a question only a British person would ask!
Actually it’s true. Recently, during the holidays, there are a lot of girls hanging out on the streets wearing their uniforms.
It’s like this: “Japanese people don’t have any faith in themselves, so when they can’t use their own clothes to express themselves, they’ll just wear their uniform” [Since most girls wear uniforms, they can’t go wrong wearing uniforms, but with regular clothing, they risk looking bad]
Keito: “But can’t they wear their own clothes?”
Apparently he doesn’t get it.
Me: “Personal clothes don’t work. If its uniforms, overall it’ll look pretty cute. Also for personal clothes, you have to spend money, but for uniforms you don’t. Do you get it now?”
Keito: “So it’s actually like that! With uniforms that are skirts, they’re simple for girls and won’t cause any money problems. It’s this kind of thing!”
And then the both of us said at the same time.
“But that seems really cold”
Just by looking at it, I think I’ll get a cold ne. (laugh)
That person over there! Girls shouldn’t wear their uniforms, they should wear personal clothes! [literally, Hikaru says something like girls should wear their own clothes to win the battle…lol.]
Take out and wear your warm clothes with confidence, enjoy this winter (music note)
Well for me, right now I want to go see Scrap Sensei, so I’m just going to write until here.

SA SHI SU SE SO~ (runs)


If there are any mistakes, corrections are appreciated!


5 Responses to “Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.11.09 translation!”

  1. LILGAL Says:

    aweee….LOL thats soo cute!!

  2. gooogaaa Says:

    hikka is so adorable.
    i love him more and more. XDD

    i just know about japanese girls who wear they uniforms during holidays.
    and i will do hikka’s advice~
    i’ll wear my own clothes to win your heart, hikka~ LOL XDD

    and that’s really frat that yabu-hikka is concepting their wincon. amazing~

    thanx a lot for this~ ^^

  3. kyaa~
    thanks 4 sharing~ ^^
    i’m waiting 4 the wincon!!! XD

  4. aiiii_hikarugunsou Says:

    hikka wa hikka
    still baka n baka forever

    okay..if I have enough money to go to japan,I will always use my school uniform whereever I go..

    love you forever ever

  5. yuki Says:

    Thanks a lot for translating!!!
    Hikaru kakkoii na!~

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