We Got Married is awesome~~

November 22, 2008

I know this is rather late and everything but omg, this korean reality show is the best! Like seriously, its the best and I wish they would do it in Japan. lol. XD They have celebrities and make them experience a married life. It’s awesome. I looooove Alex and Sinae!! They’re leaving at the end of this year though. oh well. They were sooo romantic. Alex couldn’t have been more romantic than that. He did everything that was possible. It was like a manga.


MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE: THE LETTUCE COUPLE!!! Hwangbo and Hyun Joong were the cutest couple ever.

Hwang Bo, Hyun Joong

Left to right: Hwang Bo, Hyun Joong

They were really awkward first but then they got really cozy~ Although I didn’t like the most recent episode… it just wasn’t as great as the time they went to the amusement park. lol. they made me laugh so much.. but question!

Doesn’t Hyun Joong remind you of Yamapi?!?!


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