Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.08.31 translation!

October 26, 2008

omg~ FINALLY FINISHED!! after like starting to translate it since september or late august. ugh. Hikaru sure write a lot and dam school makes ppl sooo busy. Anyway thank you pocco_mocco for all the editing cuz my chinese sux.

Anyway Hikaru ❤

And yes this is once again, a translation of Happytown’s chinese translation of the JUMPaper by Hikaru. hurrah. and as usual, please credit pocco-moco and me. Actually just say “credit to kamiki_crepes“. Kamiki_crepes is a new community that we formed to post up all of our translations. I’ll still post up the translations I took part of in here.. but yeah.

BEWARE: it’s LONNNNNNNG!! but it makes you love them all more. ^______^


“Hikaru is really skillful, so he should be able to juggle right?!” This was one of the statements the choreographer said to me during the SUMMARY rehearsal. This was also the statement that caused the turning point to make me feel brimming with enthusiam towards SUMMARY.

“Hikaru, you’re able to juggle right?”

Me: “No, I’ve never done it before…”

“You look like you can do it. Why don’t you try it during SUMMARY?”

Me: “Until now, I never did this kind of stunts before…but I want to try!”

Even though I am always the type that gradually increases enthusiasm during concert rehearsals as time goes by, this time I was brimming with enthusiasm since the beginning of practice. Juggling. Because I’ve never challenged it before, I felt more enthusiastic.

But once I started, learning juggling from the teacher, my arms would get really tired unexpectedly. The second day my shoulders would be stiff…it really seemed hard. Since I never did it before, it was even harder.

Except, after learning how to juggle, I felt extremely accomplished. Every time I saw the teacher, I would always have “Before next time, I’ll throw 100 times!” kind of assignment. The feeling at the moment of finishing the assignment is really the best.

Unconsciously I also learned various tricks. During the time before the real performance of SUMMARY, at home, in school, in the train (I’m lying), it seemed like I was always practicing juggling. When I’m getting interviewed for work, even if it’s just a little bit of time, I’m able to show the staff my tricks and hear them say, “That’s amazing.” It makes me happy. Once I’m able to reach a certain degree, I’ll tell the staff, “Okay! At this performance, I’m going to do this!”

But if you compare playing by yourself, it’s happier to hang out with just anyone, so I chose Chi and Yuto. After that, it’s very scary. Actually, after practicing with Yuto and Chi, those two have improved a LOT.

How annoying. How annoying. (laugh)

I spent about one week practicing to improve, but used only three days to digest it all. Ai-ya…little kids sure learn stuff quickly (surprised). In the actual performance, with Chi pair, Yuto is an expert on the Diablo (aka Chinese yo-yo). Originally I thought that he would do it himself, but actually he still every day happily juggles with me. (Didn’t make sense in Chinese)
Right now, the actual performances are almost finished, and I’m already sort of used to it. Doing SUMMARY was really fun.

Well then, I’ll write anecdotes about each of the members during the SUMMARY period.

First is Morimoto. Morimoto, ah, is still a little kid. During SUMMARY’s rehersal and actual show, members were pointing out each other’s mistakes, after Morimoto was talked about, he has never said “Un! got it”, rather he said “But at that time, it’s a little…”, getting into an arguement immediately. (laugh) He really is a little kid ne. Mah, that part is also important and it’s also Morimoto’s style.

After the performance was over, on the car on the way home, he kept sleeping really embarassingly ne. He seemed so innocent~. But when I was about Morimoto’s age, my sleeping face was really cute. Everyone knew about my angelic sleeping face ne. (lie)

Let’s work hard for the few remaining performances, Morimoto-kun with an embarassing sleeping face!

And then it’s Yuto. This time besides juggling, Yuto tap danced ne. This was the first time I knew there was a microphone on the shoes ne. The really small kind!! When I saw that, compared to seeing Yuto tap dancing, I was more touched by the shoes. Mah, in fact the tapdancing Yuto is also pretty handsome ne. hu hu.

But I’m not playing in the resting room anymore.

Because it was really loud/annoying.

Ah, I’ll give you back your DVD soon. (laugh)
Then it’s Yamada. Yamda turned into a girl this time ne. I think he was pretty ne.

I’ve always had an unimaginable question for Yamada.

Yamada sure likes to watch horror movies/DVDs normally, and also those scary books that make me go, “Wah! So scary!” Even though I don’t really care about ghosts and spirits.
He was definitely reading scary books…

Why do you not like horror stories? It’s too unbelievable.

One day after SUMMARY was over, while I was in the car on the way home…

Me: Ne, I want to tell a horror story, want to hear?”
Members: “Okay! Tell us!” Everyone was excited, except for one person.

Yamada: “Yes! No way! NO WAY!”
Me: “What are you talking about? Doesn’t Yamada like scary stuff?”

Yamada: “Aiya, although I like them…but horror stories are different. Don’t like them.”

Me: “Well, I want to let everyone listen, so cover your ears.”

Yamada: “Oh, so scary, so scary” I didn’t even start talking and he was scared to the point he started listening to music with his headphones.

I said, “Then I’ll start telling it” and then started telling the members the scary story. All the members were like “Ah, so scary!”

I don’t know why that time it made me want to tell Yamada a scary story even more.

So I just told it. (laugh)

But, if I said it ordinarily, I’ll absolutely get that reaction from before of not listening! Thinking this way, I turned to Yamada with this kind of strategy.

I said, “Yamada, I finished” and patted his shoulder.
Yamada: “Finally finished huh”

Me: “Ne ne, If you don’t like scary stories, is listening to a story about a strange person okay?”
Yamada: “It doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with ghosts, I’ll listen then.”

Heh heh heh. great. (my thought)

Me: “Then I’ll start telling it, okay?” If I started telling it normally, Yamada would definately notice, so I started out telling a strange person’s story.

Yamada: “It was really a strange person ne~” looking really happy. But right now is the real story.

Me: “There’s still another one.”
Yamada: “What, what?!”

Me: “One day, there were three middle schoolers…”

This was actually the same horror story that the members just listend to while Yamada was listening to his music. (laugh)

The memebrs realized that it was the same horror story as before and laughed.
Me: “So these three people heard that there was an old building near the school that nobody lived in and decided to go over there to record ghosts!”

After actually going to that old building, one of the three people was recording the video while opening the door, saying “Sorry for disturbing~”

There was dust all over the room. One person said “What a messy room”. The three of them got panicky and scared that they wanted to go home, but when they left the room, one person said “sorry for disturbing you”, and left the room.

Yamada: “And then what?”
Me: “There weren’t any ghosts in that room either. How boring. Said one of the three people. They watched the video filmed in the room, then, they discovered that somebody said “sorry for disturbing you” when they entered.

Afterwards, some person replied and said, “Okay, please enter”. But at that time, there shouldn’t be anyone else other than the three people.”

At this point in time the inside of the car was quiet when Yamada spoke. Of course, all the other members already knew so they secretly hid their laughter.
Yamada: “Is this a scary story?”

Me: “Mah mah, just continue listening.” So then, when they said, “This room is really dirty”, a person replied “Sorry.”

The three of them are thinking that they weren’t hearing voices. The video’s frame only recorded the messy room, not any ghost…”
Yamada: “Eh…..”

Me: “And then, in the end they opened the front door, saying “Sorry for disturbing you”. Afterwards…”

Yamada: “…”

Me: “Wait a min!!”

Yamada: “Wah!!”

Doing this brought out a really good reaction. It was really fun that time. The members and I all laughed. Thank you for giving us such a fun time. And then, that time Yamada’s face looked really bad. (or looked very embarrassed? it’d make more sense if he’s embarrassed, but then it wouldn’t go with the following sentence…)

It’s really hard to believe that the face of the woman in SUMMARY is the same as Yamada-kun’s!! I’m still going to tell you horror stories!! (laugh) Oh no~ I wrote too much ne.

And then it’s Takaki. Even though I occasionally go out to eat with Takaki.. eh….

But there’s no story/anecdote. laugh

Why? We just hang out normally, eat food…this kind of thing ne. But it’s not like we have a bad relationship. My relationship with Takaki has been good from the start.
But I don’t know why there isn’t any interesting story.

Ah, there’s one.

Takaki. After you finish using my curler, please properly turn it off. The temperature of that would get higher and higher. I’m really angry.

Okay. That’s it. (Laugh)

Next time, I need to work on writing something interesting about Takaki.

So next time do something meaningful to/with me.

Okay, next one! Yabu! Yabu! Yabu! Yabu!

Yabu ah. One time Yabu’s mom, my mom, me, Yabu, the four of us had an opportunity to chat. And then after saying bye twice ne, my mother said to me. “Yabu-kun and Hikaru seems like husband and wife ne.” After I heard it, “Hah?” (laugh)
What? Husband and wife.

According to what my mom said, Yabu and I don’t talk a lot but we can understand each other. Speaking of that, it might be true.

With Yabu ne, when we talk, we get aggressive. When we don’t need to talk, we don’t talk ne. Except even if we don’t talk, I can probably guess what Yabu is thinking about. Vice versa, Yabu knows what I’m thinking too. For example, in the dressing/lounge room, if I feel like my throat is dry and say “Ah ah~”, Yabu will say “here” and give me tea. On the other hand, when Yabu is fixing his hair, I’ll think “Ah, Yabu is fixing his hair ne” and plug in the hair dryer and he’ll say “thank you” and so on and so forth.

Other people might think, is this for real? But it really is real. We’ve been together for so many years. When Yabu and I first met, both of us were still about 140 cm tall ne. I still know those kinds of stuff. Like to the level of knowing each other’s moods. Mah, there’s only one think I don’t know. (does the mood part even make any sense?)
Shoe size.

I’m kidding.

But you know what ne. The easiest to understand case…would be that on the stage, we never bump into each other accidentally. This is probably the most amazing thing ne. With Arioka, we always bump into each other. (laugh)

But, whether it’s habit or on the stage, our walking pace or something, we know each other’s, so we never hit each other.

Ma, there are times where we play around in the hallway and hit our shoulders and then stick out our tongues or something like that.

In the car on the way home with Yabu, the lounge, we always talk the whole time ne. It was like a short comedy show. We made all the BEST members laugh. So once in a while, before the performance, we’ll be tired as hell. (laugh)

Ma, If it makes the lounge room’s mood better, isn’t it worth it? Yabu-sensei
Okay! Next one…Who else is in JUMP? (laugh)

Oh, keito. Recently I’m with Keito a lot. Recently the two of us have been going to play pool. Keito’s skills? Strong!  Obviously, right? He’s an English boy since he was little right? In Britain, he only ate bread ne.

But really, Keito’s really good at playing pool. Every time we play 10 games, I can only win about 3 games. When I’m about to win, I lose to him. And then every time after Keito wins, he uses a really small voice “hehe” and laugh, it really makes me angry. (laugh) What’s with that “hehe.”
But after playing a lot, I also improve. Next time I’ll get a total victory! Keito! No matter what time it is, come on!

Mah, although every time it’s always me who invites him… (laugh)

Okay. Arioka.

Dai chan ne. He’s the one among my friends whom I’m most able to talk about music with. If I start talking with Dai-chan about western music, we can’t stop! Don’t you want to know how much we talk about western music?

To put it simply, in our mp3 players, we have more than 3000 songs! These 3000+ songs are all in our computers. The two of us frequently talk about new songs news, this singer only eats western food or something. Sometimes at work, the two of us will chat in the hotel until morning ne. (laugh) Scary, right? [note: this is sendai…something…probably a place…]

But Dai-chan will start filming for a drama soon, and he has to go to school, so he shouldn’t be listening to western music. Mah, I’ll just listen his part for him and remember it all, then I can tell him all at one time.
In simple words, that is,

I think that Dai-chan and I should learn more about our leisuring skills. (laugh) (not sure..doesn’t make much sense…)

Okay. The next one is Chi. I’ve been eating with Chi frequently. Really unexpected right? Frequently going.

Chi is really like, to put it simply, a really easy to understand person. In the beginning, sure enough he’s hungry, so like a little dog, he eats fiercely. Except, after eating until he’s full, he’ll gasp for air and ask me “Want to eat the bamboo shoots?”. Really, if you don’t eat it more, you’ll never grow tall!

Okay! Now I finished writing anecdotes about everyone.

Whew There are 10 JUMP members, so I’m not tired of being together every day. Every time at SUMMARY is always really fun.

Can I talk a little bit about SUMMARY stuff?! SUMMARY’s place is somewhere where you can hear the audience’s voices clearly which I really like. For some reason, every time the audience’s atmosphere is different, almost like we’re performing on a different stage each time, making me always looking forward to the next performance. Even though I still have a lot to learn and this summer I still didn’t get to go to the ocean or somewhere, working this hard every day isn’t that bad. This really makes me very happy. This SUMMARY, we attempted some never done before flying. We also change how we play the guitar every time. I also like how I get to sing a song together with Yabu. So this year, I don’t need to go to the ocean.

SUMMARY’s fountain is good enough. (laugh)

For the rest of the performances, I’ll also happily do them all. Well, for today, I’ll end it here.
bye bye.

Inoo chan. I saw what you wrote. The one from last time. Do you know why I didn’t write about Inoo-chan? It’s because you forgot to write to Chi (laugh)
Ah~ poor Chi.

But after reading mine, you should realize Chi’s feeling! You should reflect on yourself (laugh). But really, the time before at the Ramen restaurant, the toppings were bamboo shoots and eggs, and obviously, you were really concerned about _______ (i forgot what that thing is called…it’s supposed to make your bones strong…not calcium….^^;; )

Okay. I finished writing about all 9 people. Then, bye.

Ah, I did it once today! Takaki. One time is the limit.

What am I counting? Push-ups. (Laugh)


lol. hikaru x yabu ❤ lol. I love how he talks about everyone.. I really wish people would put up the J-web or JUMPaper up more.. even if they’re too busy, they should put it online so others can translate too. T___T not that I have that much time but I want to see what Inoo wrote for his. lol.


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  1. RenQ Says:

    Arigatou for this!! its fun! love Hika so much! he’s funny!!
    I love Yuto’ tapdancing!Kakkoi! Yabu and Hika like husbnd and wife? Im agreed! YabuHika! honto2 daisuki desu!

  2. Angie Says:


    I’m a Hikaru fan so all your translations made my day ;w; THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUUCH!<3

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