Wonder what Ryo thought…

October 22, 2008

Credits to hollywood-beautiful.blogspot.com (I just searched on google for a pic of her in case you didnt know who she is)

Credits to hollywood-beautiful.blogspot.com (I just searched on google for a pic of her in case you didn't know who she is)

LOL… this is old news but did you know that Leah Dizon is pregnant and going to be married? According to this article (scroll to the bottom of that page), the father is her stylist. They met in January and apparently he’s a playboy~

The guy in the hat is Leah Dizons stylist/husband

The guy in the hat is Leah Dizon's stylist/husband

sound familiar to anyone?


roflmao~~~ Takumi and Hachiko XD except like its a stylist and a singer and not a singer and singer’s friend’s girlfriend’s best friend.

but I just thought it was hilarious..

Here’s a video of her telling all her fans. loooool

anyway, I was just wondering what Ryo thought about it since he was a total fan of her. lol. He prolly got really heartbroken and stuff, but hey he was just a fanboy right? nothing else, so I think he’ll deal and be fine, just like Chinen and the whole Ohno scandal.

Now that I think about it, after the Ohno scandal, doesn’t it seem like Chinen hasn’t been talking much about Ohno anymore? or maybe its cuz I don’t listen to their radio stations and don’t really read Chinen’s articles…

Oh yeah, congrats to Ohno for getting the Best Actor award in Maou!!

Totally beat Yamapi! but hey Maou was awesome. Although I still have to watch the last episode.. Iono.. near the end I lost interest but it was soo dam good. I loved Maou. Ohno was sooo awesome ❤ Better than Yamapi’s character in Code Blue. His character was like Kurosagi so it wasn’t that interesting at all. Oh so here’s the article about it if you want to read more. You have to scroll down but yeah.


2 Responses to “Wonder what Ryo thought…”

  1. chocomari Says:

    leah dizon pregnant was amazing. ahahahahhahahahahah
    i watched the youtube video where she tells her fans, “i have something to tell you!” it’s …really fun to watch.
    but she’s crying??? (ibahhahahaha)
    i don’t get it, but i love watching it. (sadistic)

  2. Pocco Says:

    i was like O__O when i heard that leah dizon is pregnant and married, but i never bothered to search the youtube vid of her telling her fans. so, thanks for putting this up! ❤
    ryo is probably sad right now, but he’ll be fine dealing with it. i haven’t heard much about chinen lately…from any arashi fans, since all i know about him is stuff that he talks about ohno. lol.
    i understand how you feel about losing interest near the end of maou. ep. 9 wasn’t that good, but ep. 10 (last one) is totally awesome…i should really use other words to better describe it but i’m not giving you any spoilers. i watched the very last part at least 3 times. i even watched the korean version just to compare that part, and of course the japanese version is soooo much better. when you watch it, prepare tissues! i hope this advice isn’t a spoiler since i’m assuming that you’re expecting a tragic ending anyways…watch it asap! …or maybe you’re like me…i didn’t want to watch the last ep. coz i didn’t want it to end/see the end, but i somehow managed to wake up at 6 to watch it. it was good that my roommate left to take a shower when i was bawling. lol. i’m so sorry for my rambling. ^^;;

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