October 18, 2008

Long time no see~

sorry I’ve been busy as hell with school and everything but I decided that I should at least update the archives to the most recent magazine translations. I thought the popolo nov translation was the kutest. lol. baby pictures!!! totally looks like them too. lol.

I’m glad Hikaru is making music though. heh heh.

anyway, I know there’s like that HS7 Radio show.. eh… not really interested in that.. but I guess I’ll provide links on my HEY SAY JUMP page some time..

Oh btw, I probably most likely will not put up translations of magazines if its only one person.. There’s one person who kept translating Chinen’s parts only.. so yeah.. If I can’t find the whole set, I guess I”ll put it up.

I’ll also start putting up links to downloads and viewing online for the subbed videos for them too. Crunchyroll has such a stupid search thing. It never gets anything that I want. sigh. but yeah.

On another note, considering the recent HSJ news:

1. About the newest song.. ehhh….. mmmm… uhhhh… yeah. okay. the PV was.. ehh.. sorry, didn’t really like it.
2. Why is it only HS7 that has the radio show?
3. yeah I hate how school gets in the way and everyone is busy now so there’s no mag translations and I hate how there’s no kinokuniya around here so I can’t contribute.. not that I have time anyway..I haven’t even finished translating Hikaru’s loooooong JUMPaper. sigh. he wrote sooo much.


okay added the HS7 Radio Show translation links to the Hey Say JUMP page~


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