No to Stalking

September 3, 2008

wow this is a first. I don’t think this ever happened with any other idols.. not as far as sending all of the fan members a snail mail letter. You can check out the translation here by kami-chan. It’s a word from all 10 of HSJ people.

Truthfully, I understand and I don’t really blame the Japanese fans because if I lived near my fav member of HSJ, I would prolly feel like doing something similar to what they are do. And like how kami-chan said, even I’m guilty cuz I have some paparazzi photos of hikaru, esp the one where hikaru is looking at the camera. sigh.

still.. it’s shocking that they sent it, especially when its signed by the popular Yamada Ryosuke…


NEVER MIND! All of the Johnny’s wrote one! Check out pyrefly’s site for the links!


One Response to “No to Stalking”

  1. pyrefly Says:

    krooxy! i did not know you have a blogggg! HELLO! WELCOME TO WORDPRESS. XD

    anyway, here are the scans you requested.

    you can find it there. ^^

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