Possibility of SUMMARY in LA + other news

September 2, 2008

Wow, I’ve been offline for three or four days and so much news!!! I think the most significant is this article talking about how maybe SUMMARY will come to LA. of course it doesn’t say that directly but it’s possible. sigh. If I can see HSJ in the US.. <3<3 lol. but why is everything in LA. sheesh. Although I guess its a good thing that I’m not going to school there otherwise I’ll be broke all the time. lol.

Anyway rumors about the HSJ’s 4th single appeared, but iono.. kind of fishy to me, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, come on, they’re aren’t doing anything recently right? SUMMARY is already over. they need to work on their next project, so another song wouldn’t be surprising.

Oh, and I added Popolo Oct 2008 translation link to the HSJ page on the right.

Also, I’m not going to update that frequently. School’s starting and I’m going to have a lot of work, but I’ll try to continue updating the HSJ page with all of the translation links.


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