August 28, 2008

So I found an interesting Korean drama yesterday. It’s called New Heart. intense! Although it would be better if I understood it. It’s chinese dubbed on TV.. although I guess I can always watch it on mysoju.. but its like 23 eps. lol.. sigh..

I WANT TO WATCH CODE BLUE EP 7!!!!!!!!!! adlfkjadkjf..

anyone know where? The link in mysoju isn’t working for me. TT___TT

anyway, if anyone watched it, ep 8 of Maou was sooo awesome. Can’t wait for the next one. Btw did you guys read about how Mary and Johnny are having arguements and there might be a possibility of JE splitting!? Although if it does and Mary gets NEWS and ARASHI.. I think I”ll stick to Mary.. although what happens to HSJ. No one mentioned who gets them…


One Response to “dramas~”

  1. Pocco Says:

    hi hi!
    maou ep. 8 was totally awesome! actually, i think all the episodes are good. xD omg. ep. 9 is going to be akshg;skhkghskdjh!!
    i heard about the JE rumor splitting too. my guess is that if mary gets news and arashi, she’s prolly going to get hsj as well. i’m just guessing here. coz at least i know arashi and hsj belong to j-storm…but after all, j-storm is just a recording company, so that prolly won’t mean anything…i also heard mary likes the “gentle”-type idols, and hsj is considered “gentle” right? johnny can take the extremes (kt and k8). lol. i don’t care.
    i don’t really care if JE really splits as long as the idol groups still exist!
    the question is: will news and arashi be called mary’s instead of johnny’s? LOL. xD that’d be totally weird. o__O!

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