August 16, 2008

This is a bit of an old news but it surprised me!

Taken from Crunchyroll. Not sure who to credit..

Taken from Crunchyroll. Not sure who to credit..

poor Takaki. So many people criticizing his acting job in Gokusen. I thought I was the only one that was really distracted by his acting and his make up. I didn’t think that they altered the script for Takaki though. Well it was his first drama.. I guess the toughest part was that he prolly couldn’t figure out his character. Was it just me, or did he sometimes act like Matsujun’s Sawada Shin? It also didn’t help that Gokusen had the same plotline as all the other Gokusens before it. =__________=

but lawl. rumors about Takaki and smoking are back again. lol. You can read more about it at Uwasako’s. lol. If you actually think about it, if he actually was that bad, he would have done a great job in Gokusen. lol.

anyway.. I wish Takaki would stop being a cool Jin wannabe. If he stayed himself, he’ll be cool. Fans will appreciate it instead of calling him a wannabe. The first step is a different hairstyle. ^___^


One Response to “sigh…Takaki”

  1. chocomari Says:

    oh man. johnny’s and those smoking rumors. hahaha. YESS i thought he was like matsujun too!!!! ugh. gokusen lost its touch…after the first one. i really hope they don’t push for a Gokusen 4. *dies*

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