Myojo August 2008 Miura Haruma Translation!

August 14, 2008

So after watching the awesome movie, Koizora, I got into Miura Haruma. I mean yeah he’s in Gokusen 3 but meh. I liked him in Koizora. ❤

Anyway so yeah. I figured, hey I want to know what he’s saying!

So here’s another translation by Pocco and I. Special thanks to Chocomari for helping us~

Onto the translation~~~

pg. 171
Miura Haruma’s daily life trivia Q & A

1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Go to the bathroom.

2. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
“Ah, I got a call from Manager-san” It was a morning call.

3. Today’s breakfast was?
Salad and toro with green onion roll.

4. What is the first thing you do when you go home?
I get into the bath.

5. How many minutes are you in the bath?
10 minutes.

6. What is the first thing you wash in the bath?
My right thigh

7. What is something you always do before you sleep?
I haven’t been doing it recently, but I do back and abs stretches.

8. What do you wear when you go to sleep?

9. What is your pose when sleeping?
Sideways/on my side.

10. Recently, your percentages for your moods (happy, angry, sad, fun) are?
Happy = 20%, angry = 0%, sorrow= 0%, fun = 80% I live really peacefully.

11. Why did you feel that way for the percentages? (not a direct translation. literal: What are the basic contents for your 4 moods?)
Happy= On my birthday (April 5), I got shoes from Nakama-kun. Fun= Recently, I went shopping with Kiriyama and Miura (Shouhei?). We walked from Harajuku to Shibuya.

12. What is your charm point?
Long lower eyelashes

13. If you were to sum up your personality in one word?
Moody and My pace~

14.What is the #1 thing you hate in this world?
Shiitake mushrooms. I hate that kind of stuff.

15. What is your favorite smell?
Downey detergent and White Musk-ey Smell

16. What is your favorite color?
Blue, green, and white.

17. What is your favorite movie?
Nakai Kiichi’s Mibugishiden! I recently saw Vantage Point, the story is the best! You should definitely watch it!

18. What is your favorite book?

19. What is your favorite TV show?
I only watch “Animal Kisoutengai” You guys should watch it!

20. Your memorable family trip?
When I was in elementary school, I went to Hokkaido. I saw a weasel.

21. Favorite thing your mom makes?
Fried chicken.

22. What was your first memory?
I played around with newspaper, and I saw somebody’s feet. I thought it was probably my dad.

23. What was your childhood dream?
When my mom got hurt, I supposedly said, “I want to be a Doctor!” –But I don’t remember actually saying that.

24. Where would you like to go?
Hot springs and Fugi-Q Highland theme park.

25. Who do you admire/respect?
My parents.

26. Who is the person you want to meet the most right now?
My hometown friend.

27. About how many times do you text each day?
About 5 times.

28. What is your favorite emoji to use when texting?
When I’m worried/bothered, I use . It’s convenient.

29. What is your nickname?

30. When was your first love?
I liked the girl who was in another group in kindergarden.

31. What do you not want the girl you like, see you doing?
When I’m crying.

32. If you had to give a present to a girl, what would you give?

33. What words did a girl say that made you happy?
“You’re kind/nice”

34. What words did a girl say that shocked you?
“We just aren’t really compatible.”

35. Your girlfriend is late for a date. How long will you wait?
1 hour. If she doesn’t contact me, I’d get worried and call her a lot.

36. What do you do when you feel sad?
I read my favorite manga and I listen to music.

37. What words did you recently think were great?
On the picture I got from Yuzu-san, it says “Hishi” (which means to do with all your might, sort of)

38. What is your treasured item?
Yuzu-san’s autograph.

39. What do you want right now?
Western clothes. Not monotone but colorful.

40. Favorite shopping spot?

41. What’s your favorite fashion item?

42. What hairstyle do you want to try?
Brown hair.

43. What were you doing during your #1 favorite time?
Talking with the Gokusen cast.

44. How do you feel when you’re being interviewed?
I felt nervous the first time. Recently, I’m more used to it though sometimes I’d look back and think “Wow that was really bratty of me to say”

45. If you can ask one question to your fans, what would it be?
From now on, what kind of role do you want me to act.


awww.. that’s kute. he wants to see his hometown friends again~ lol. I laughed when I read the part that his first thought that morning was that he got a call from his manager. why did I laugh? because this entire thing reminds me of the manga, Skip Beat. lol. You should read it. It’s about show biz. and I wouldn’t be surprised if the president of the talent agency in the manga was based on Johnny. lol. of course, we’ll never know since no one knows anything about Johnny.


9 Responses to “Myojo August 2008 Miura Haruma Translation!”

  1. chocomari Says:

    !!! he was so good in Koizora!! after watching Koizora, i read the books, hahaha. and then read the manga….and now there’s a drama! haha (which i am also…watching. though no one could play Hiro as well as Miura)


    for gokusen 3, i read that he didn’t look “bad” enough so the costume people made him wear purple + red…”fierce” colors hahaha!!

  2. krooxy Says:

    lol. purple and red are “fierce” colors? XD loool..

    wait there was a manga for koizora?! O___O

  3. Pocco Says:

    you guys finished it! yay!
    hmmm….i don’t really have any comments on him since i didn’t watch koizora and only watched the 1st ep. of gokusen. so, i seriously don’t know much about him. >__<

  4. chocomari Says:

    @ Krooxy
    haha yess, supposedly? i laughed toooo

    yess! do you want to borrow them? it’s crazy. Koizora was #1 Keitai-Shousetsu (cell phone novel…direct translation> movie —> Manga –> Drama! =O

    the manga has 5 volumes and i only have up to 4, but it is good. haha

    @ Pocco:
    wahh gokusen was sort of disappointing….or it was practically the same as gokusen 2 (to me)
    if you watch Koizora, you might fallll forr himm!! haha

  5. Pocco Says:

    @ Chocomari

    hmmm…don’t know if you’ll read this, but i’ll just reply anyway. yeah, seems like all the gokusen’s are very similar, so i don’t think i’ll watch gokusen 3 unless i really have time and have nothing else to do.
    i will definitely watch koizora though. uh oh, that’s kinda dangerous that i might for fall for miura haruma. XD

  6. krooxy Says:

    Yeah don’t watch Gokusen 3 unless you REALLY don’t have anything else to do..

    Koizora was soo good but if you read as many shojo mangas as I have, the storyline is a bit typical. but its still good!

  7. lilliums Says:

    Ahhh, he’s so cute and honest…I love his answer to #44, lol.

  8. lalalala 425 Says:

    He’s so cute! Man, too cool too cool

  9. Cyrel Says:

    miura haruma is a very good actor!!I watched some of their drama shows and movies and it was so awesome!!he’s very natural!!

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