Myojo Feburary 2008 ARASHI Translation

August 13, 2008

Super duper long translation by Pocco and me. lol. It took us a while but yeah.

This is the link to the scans~




Laugh & Peace!!

Arashi. Today, good weather!!
The completely casual conversation with the 5 of them.

The 5 of them gather. They start talking, and a natural sense and laughter arise. It’s not a special time. Nothing special, peaceful time. However, it’s the most fun! Well, what type of talk will they come up today…

p. 72 – p.77

Good weather with no complaints. ♪
Aiba arrives at the studio where they’re meeting, grabs Nino, and says to him, “Let’s play catch ball! Catch ball!”
Ohno went to the river nearby to observe. Matsumoto keeps watching the cat that is bathing in the sun. Sakurai is sitting at the table, reading newspapers. What a peaceful time…Before long, one, two, etc. members assemble together one by one. Now it’s time for the casual conversation with laugh that only these 5 people can create.

Love you more if we don’t see you in a while!? ♥

Sakurai: It’s been a long time since the 5 of us met together ne?
Ninomiya: Probably 1 week, huh.
In ’07, we were doing live concerts all the time and because there was impression that the 5 of us were always together, just by not seeing each other’s faces makes it seem like it’s been such a long time.
Ohno: We were having concerts since the first 3 days of January. There were some intervals for some reasons, but we did the concerts until October.
[Ohno used the word “interval.” I think he was saying there were breaks in between the concerts/tours.]
Matsumoto: It really felt like it was a year full of concerts.
Sakurai: After we finished the tour, we were settled a little, (it should have been, but), suddenly we don’t see each other everyday, so it’s strange…
Aiba: (with a small and sad) Un, so lonely ne…
4 members: … (looks blankly)
Matsumoto: Wait, wait, Aiba-san!  To say frankly, but the way you said now is weird.
Aiba: Eh, ah, really? For myself, I really like Arashi? Ha ha ha…
Ninomiya: That’s enough. That type of things. (laugh)
Aiba: Ah, we didn’t meet recently, but I saw Sho-chan on TV! World cup volleyball!
Sakurai: Really? (feeling doubtful)
Aiba: Really, really. I saved it onto a hard disk. Since I learned of the results of the match from news, I fast-forwarded, and only checked where and how Sho-chan appeared. I only focused on Sho-chan like “Ah, I see.”
Sakurai: But, didn’t you say that you didn’t watch any of it?
Aiba: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My point is, for the first few times I watched it like that. I didn’t watch the later parts…Sorry for being rude…(laugh)
Sakurai: Ummmm (laugh). Well, enough of talking about me. For this month, what is everyone doing?
Aiba: Matsujun is doing that, the movie “The Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess.” (A remake of a famous work by Kurosawa Akira that’s going to be released in May ’08 )
Yep, yep.
Ninomiya: Is it hard/are you busy?
Matsumoto: Yeah, I guess. We had to wait in the middle of the night for 3 hours. Then, there’d be no shooting at all. That was the kind of pattern we had.
Sakurai: Oh, sounds like a movie! Isn’t that Ohno-san’s #1 favorite pattern? (laugh) What if Ohno was the one in it, what would you do?!
[I’m not sure why Sho says that’s Ohno’s favorite pattern…]
Ohno: Ummm, I’m sorry to say, but I’ll never go to the filming place again…or…uhhh…
Aiba: If that’s the case, they can’t film it, can they?
[I’m don’t really understand what Aiba’s saying…]
Ohno: What I want to say is that…uhhh…
Ninomiya: Ohno Satoshi, a regretful retire! Terrible! (laugh).
Ohno-san, it’s good/ok to retire. (Good/ok?) Matsumoto-san doesn’t give up despite of the waiting time, doesn’t give up despite of the cold weather, and he works hard.
Matsumoto: Ahhh, it’s a hard job in the cold weather. At noon, when the sun comes out, it’s fine. But, at night, it’s really hard. I casually (without caring about the cold weather) go into the river with bare feet.
Sakurai: Wah, that’s hard/intense.
Matsumoto: The clothes are like rags and straw sandals. I got scratched here and there. Somehow, I have scratches all over my legs!
Ninomiya: Angel with all the scratches…or fallen angel…
Matsumoto: Now that you mention it, Nino, what have you been doing recently?
Ninomiya: I’m playing games all the time (plainly). Well, if we talk about the games, we won’t have enough time. Aiba-san is the one who finished “The Person whom I Can’t Forget”. Hey, what have you been doing recently?
[“The Person whom I Can’t Forget” is Aiba’s butai in 2007. Better known as “Wasurerarenai Hito”]
Aiba: Yup. I finished my butai performance, and I finally relaxed. I was biking back and forth on the street yesterday. It was really fun!
Matsumoto: That’s nice, biking. That reminds me, doesn’t Riida also like to bike?
Ohno: Aah, I used to often ride before. Recently I’ve been walking.
Ninomiya: An old man ne (decided unreasonably/forcefully). So, what are you doing other than that?
Ohno: The other day, I went fishing.
Matsumoto: Again, again. (laugh)
Ninomiya: Lying again. (laugh)
Ohno: It’s true! Because I caught a 60 cm sea bass. Look, I have a photo as evidence ♪ (He passes his cellphone to everyone.)
4 members: …EHHHHHHHHHH?!!!!

Sakurai’s Collection: What is his dream (unbelievable/wanted so badly) ultimate treasure?

The 4 of them are surprised at the photo. In the picture, Ohno is holding a big fish and posing with a big smile. [This is a similar picture that they’re talking about. It’s a screencap from a Hanamaru cafe episode where Ohno was the guest.]

Matsumoto: Ohno-san, what the hell are you doing? Are you an idiot??!! That kind of happy looking face. (laugh)
Aiba: During work, that face…
Ninomiya: Not there ne. In the past Myojo photoshoots, he also didn’t have that face. Wow, that’s really amazing.
Sakurai: But, reeling in this fish must have taken some effort!
Aiba: You/we can catch this big one.
[I’m not sure who Aiba’s referring to. Literal translation: this kind (of fish) can be caught from the sea]
Ohno: Come up, come up! (grinning) That day, I was the only one who caught a big fish. (boasting?!)
Matsumoto: Again~ (laugh)
Ninomiya: Maybe he stole it from somebody… again. (laugh)
Matsumoto: If you can really catch that, take me with you next time.
Ohno: Okay.
Matsumoto: Are there good finishing equipments?
Ohno: Yah, each one of you fishing has to buy them.
Aiba: You won’t prepare them for us?
Ninomiya: Prepare for us, we beg you.
Matsumoto: How much do the most basic rods and reel cost?
Ohno: There are also cheap ones but, the ones I use are about 50,000 yen.
Aiba: Haaa….(deep breath) Riida, why do you let other people buy their rods?
[Aiba wanted to borrow Ohno’s extra equipments for free]
Ohno: It’s good to fish with your own rod.
Aiba: You definitely need clothes for that, right?
Ohno: When it gets wet, I need the ones that don’t get soaked. In my case, I got the clothes (from someone). My top is really red and the bottom is really yellow. I look like a Johnny’s Jr.
Ninomiya: Never mind that part (laugh)
Sakurai: But, it really seems to be interesting ne~ ♪
Matsumoto: Riida, make a plan for it.
Aiba: Arrange everyone’s schedule. It’d be good to insert “Ohno-san finishing.” (into everyone’s schedule)
Ohno: Ah…yeah…then, let’s make it under Myojo’s plan…
Matsumoto: Why are you leaving it to the others?! (laugh)
Aiba: Beause we don’t hang out with only the 5 of us together as often as we expect, I think it might be precious. Before Nino went to Hollywood, we went to Ginza to eat…
Sakurai: I…was there?
Matsumoto: You were, you were. But, you left in the middle of it because you had something to do. After that, we went to Shinbashi’s Karaoke.
[Shinbashi is a place in Tokyo.]
Aiba: How nostalgic. That shop can make the original CD and record one song at a time.
Matsumoto: Because I was like, “Sho-kun would want to listen to it.” ♥
Ninomiya: Yeah, yeah, so he won’t be lonely. ♥
Aiba: That was good. (complimenting himself) Before that, the 4 of us went to Hakone. Since Sho-chan couldn’t come, we wrote a message to him on a souvenir plate.
Matsumoto: What happened to that plate?
Sakurai: Huh? It’s in my room as a decoration.
Aiba: When I think about it, it’s always Sho-chan who can’t come. Do you hate us or what?
Ninomiya: The truth is…?
Aiba: The truth is…
Ninomiya: For me, I hadn’t thought about that. Is it because you want souvenirs, so you purposely don’t participate?
Sakurai: Fufufu (mysterious laugh).
Ninomiya: So you’re not denying it.

Arashi will overcome the only thing that they’re bad at!

Afterwards, they talk about things like “the 5 of them want to go traveling,” “Moreover, if we buy a vacation house, we can hang out while traveling during our off-time.” …their topic went to unexpected direction, they decide on where to buy the vacation house. There are Saipan and Guam, where salad is the only good food at the restaurants there. For investment purposes, Sakurai suggests Macau, Hokkaido, Egypt, Australia, etc. Finally, they’re about to decide on Okinawa…

Ohno: But I heard it’s really hard to maintain the house. If nobody is living in the building, the building’s condition goes bad. Even if we go once for a while, we’ll end up doing things like cleaning and maintenance.
Sakurai: Ah…Recently, you have shown off some profound knowledge.
Ninomiya: Nonetheless, his level of reliability is not high.
[as in it’s not good to rely on Riida]
Ohno: No, because I go fishing, I hear about various information. (looks happy)
Aiba: Ah, your fishing buddy. When you’re waiting for the fish, you hear about various things.
Ohno: That’s right~
Matsumoto: Hah… But, what was it that we had discussed about until now?
[Jun is thinking that they’re wasting time.]
Ninomiya: Yep, yep, this topic is finished. (laugh) Next we talk about…
Aiba: Ah! You know, let’s have an ’07 year end party ♪
Ninomiya: Hey you, we did it in ’06 too.
Aiba: Oh, really. Then, let’s do it again for ’07!
Ninomiya: Even though we did it, after all YOU forget it all.
Ohno: It’ll be cool if we have it on a house-boat.
Sakurai: Oh, that’s good. That’s good. Then, Ohno-san, go charter one right now.
Ninomiya: Let them arrange good food too.
Ohno: Un, fishing boats and house-boats are different, so I don’t really know…When we go out to the sea, we get seasick, and…
Matsumoto: So, you mean we’ll feel better if the boat is not moving or just at the dock or something.
Ohno: That’s not it… (not a clear voice, mumbling)
Sakurai: Then, isn’t it better if we start on land (laugh). Mah, mah, year-end party is at the year’s end. For ’08 what are we doing?
[Sho means they will talk about the year-end party at the right time.]
Ninomiya: For me, I’m going to continue playing a lot of games… (laugh)
Aiba: For me, I want to start scuba diving.
Ohno: That’s cool.
Matsumoto: Oh, then should we join?
Aiba: Then, the 3 of us. Iya, might as well go with the 5 of us.
Ninomiya: Okay.
Sakurai: Nah, I’m not going. 4 people want to do it then…
Matsumoto: Whyyyy (laugh).
Ninomiya: It’s for the souvenir (laugh).
Ohno: …Ah! But, I wonder if a shark is okay.
Matsumoto: They aren’t there ne? (at ease)
Ohno: Actually, they are there.
You haven’t gone scuba diving before, right? How do you know?
Ohno: No, no. It’s because I hear a lot of scary talk about sharks. For example, talk about ____ island’s great white shark. Gyaaaa.
[The “____” is intentional. Ohno isn’t talking about a specific island, but a random one]

Aiba: So, after all, your fishing buddy… I got it, Nino-san, Matsumoto-san, and I will go scuba diving.
Ohno: I will train my body to become macho.
Ninomiya: Okay (permission granted). In exchange, for the entire live, Ohno-san must be half-naked, or please work hard with sexy see-through clothes. (decided)
[Pocco’s comment: Ohmiya…lol. I don’t think I heard anything about Riida wearing sexy, see-through clothes in the Dream Alive cons. Hmmm…maybe in Kokuritsu and the Asia tour…? xD]

For sure ne, because before our 10th anniversary is our 9th anniversary, we will be extremely busy.
Ohno: Heh, that kind of thing…? Is it right? (really simple-minded)
That’s right. If we don’t do our best during our 9th year, we won’t have a 10th anniversary. But..we have a choice to rest for about 2 years, and postpone the 10th anniversary. (grinning)
[Pocco’s comment: NOOOO! This better not happen! Gosh, I’m such a selfish fangirl. Yeah, they’ve done a lot this year, so they should rest a little.]

Matsumoto: Haa, that’s wonderful! So you thought about it! (honestly impressed)
But, we will never do it, and let’s being showy. Don! Ban!
Ninomiya: That’s the only thing Arashi is bad at. Being showy.
Matsumoto: For me, when I finish my movie, I’ll dye my hair pink (laugh).
[Pocco’s comment: Apparently, Jun didn’t dye his hair pink. Lol. He permed his hair for HYD Final instead. I want to see his hair pink. xD]
After that, gradually show our treasure.
[Sho literally said: precious sword that has been passed down from earlier generations. I just translated it as “treasure.”]
Matsumoto: That’s fresh!
Ninomiya: Let’s have a steady 9th year.
Matsumoto: Mah, it comes out naturally.
Aiba: So, it’ll be like “Watch out for our 9th anniversary!” …Ah, is that a little too big/much?
Ohno: Iya. Arashi will be big throughout ’08. That’s decided~!!

p. 76

“What shall we do?” “I wonder what we shall do…”
The 5 of them standing still under the sun.
“Mah, this will work, right? “Un, definitely will work.”
Don’t know what they’re talking about.
But, strangely enough, the 5 of them will most likely end up like “Gyahaha ♪”
“We don’t change.” “Isn’t that good?”
Today, another peaceful day has passed.

A little blurb

Since October ’07, it is the first time that all of 5 of Arashi appeared on the cover page and photos. At the park, they play mini-baseball with color bat and ball…For their positions, Nino=pitcher, Aiba=catcher, Ohno=batter, Matsujun=defense, Sakurai=pikopiko hammer (toy, I guess)?! Nino throws the ball and Ohno hits it, then, Sakurai uses the pikopiko hammer to hit it back…or so they say. This kind of strange game has been played. Hahaha…


lol Sho XD


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