August 13, 2008

This is rather old, but omg. I can’t believe ppl plagarized and STOLE Leehom’s song “竹林深處” for the Bollywood movie, Race. I know that since Leehom is so big and famous and stuff so things like this are bound to happen, but still!!! >O Good thing they’re suing them for $320,000. hmph.

Here’s the original version of the Leehom’s song.

This is the copied one. HMPH. Even though lots of ppl copy movies or w/e and create pirated stuff, okay fine. but at least they don’t change it and claim that its theirs. >O

Well I guess this movie was MUSIC-MAN Leehom’s first enemy. lol. To tell you the truth when I read that Leehom was asked who MUSIC-MAN’s enemy was and he said “piracy and people who make bad music”, I was wondering if he meant all those people around the world who get their music off the internet. =__=;;

(Um, in case you don’t know MUSIC-MAN, its Leehom’s newest thing. It’s like Batman, Superman, etc except its Music-man!!! xD)


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