USA vs JAPAN Volleyball~~

August 9, 2008

lol.. the first thing I see when I turn on the TV is: USA vs Japan Volleyball!!!!

GAHHHHH!!! who should I root for? USA of course. sorry HSJ.

I think the funny thing is that I actually recognize some of the Japanese volleyball players, #7 and #1 xD loool. But wow, I didn’t expect USA to go up against Japan this early. I bet Hikaru is watching this. loool. but dammm.. Japan is good. Well, so is USA. but this is a really close match.


omg its match point for the 3rd game!


EDIT: lawl.. its USA vs JAPAN again for Beach volleyball!!!

but wow.. Japan’s team for Beach volleyball is soooo tan/dark! O____O I totally didn’t know that they were the Japanese team until I saw the flag. They’re soo much darker than the USA team.


5 Responses to “USA vs JAPAN Volleyball~~”

  1. Pocco Says:

    I watched this game too. It was so close! >__< I was with my family, and so I acted kinda indifferent. If I were alone, I probably would’ve rooted for Japan…since I don’t really consider myself American. I was thinking: was Sho there at the game? I meant he was the sportscaster for the volleyball matches before the Olympics, just like how HSJ went to perform, so I thought there was a really big possibility that he was there watching the Japan team. I need to check his Olympic schedule to see when he’s going to report. Lol. ^^

  2. krooxy Says:

    lol. Yeah I don’t consider myself American except I thought about people at school and I figured I should be supportive for USA. It’s not like there was “Chinese Taipei” competing.

    but lol. Sho. I should have thought of that, but he wouldn’t be on NBC channel right?

  3. Pocco Says:

    I doubt Sho would be on NBC. Maybe when the camera focuses on the audience or the other media people, then we might get to see a glimpse of Sho. ^^ I think NTV will start showing better Olympics program with Sho reporting next week.

  4. chocomari Says:

    haha!!! THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT TOO! (how dark they were) i was like…what…mistake?

    but yeah i was surprised they won the second match.

  5. krooxy Says:

    dude but like the Japan’s guy team isn’t as dark as the women’s team!

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