August 8, 2008

lol.. so after months of not drawing stuff and school starting soon, I figure I should brush up on my drawing skills, esp watercolor which I haven’t really touched since last year cuz I was working with other media.

so, tada~~


I just realized after I finished that I made his smile crooked… whoops.

So do you know who he is?! Give you a clue! He’s in HSJ! xD


4 Responses to “Fanart~~”

  1. Pocco Says:

    I see the answer in your tags! xD
    I’m jealous that you’re soooo artistic! Do you have any other fanarts? Are you going to post them up, maybe…?

  2. lily Says:

    great job~ ^^ i totally could tell who it was w/o the tags 😀
    i wish i could do life-like fanart T_T i can only make chibi-fied ones lol

  3. Pocco Says:

    sorry. i sounded like i had to look at the tags to figure out the answer, but i actually did know who it is right away. 😀

  4. Jennifer Says:

    so, i’m not going to get my $300 commissioned painting?

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