Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.6.22 translation!

August 7, 2008

One word to describe this:


TOTALLY made my day. lol. Anyway its another translation of Happtown’s Chinese translation by Pocco and me~

Hikaru is AWESOME. roflmao. XD I love his entries! XD

Onto the translation~~~


Topic: Doki Doki

Girls and boys all got Beijing’s tickets. This volleyball match is the best one so far. We’re so lucky to be able to watch the moment when Japan got the ticket to go to Beijing. I was thinking like that. At that moment, I really did feel lucky. However, my feeling at that time was already beyond doki doki. Except for doka-n, there’s no other words to express this impact on my heart.
This time the topic is doki doki ah~. Eh.
Speaking of this, not long ago, this kind of thing happened before.

That day there was work. I was with Inoo-chan walking down the street heading for our workplace.

When we were walking, there were two high school girls walking by really closely. At this point, something rare happened. When the girls walked by, one of them (let’s call her A-san) seemed like she recognized me. Feeling excited, she said to the girl next to her (B-san), “Is that person in JUMP!?” I was a bit nervous. If I saw them like that, wouldn’t it be kinda rude to just speak to them? Then, the high school girls A&B-san quickly ran toward us.
Woah. They were fast. I felt a little nervous while watching these high school girls secretly. Before the high school girls A&B-san got to us, they shouted, “Are you Hey!Say!JUMP’s Inoo-kun?” as they were running.

Eh…? Wha-what about me?

Feeling anxious and fearful, I had a very ugly expression on my face. Inoo-chan looked very happy. I gladly said, “Ah, What about Hikaru?” Then the high school girls arrived in front of us, or rather in front of Inoo-chan in a flash. Inoo-chan disappeared from my vision. Right when I was thinking “Eh?”, I heard Inoo-chan shout.

“Wah! my knee got hit!!”

Looking down, I saw Inoo-chan kneeling, with a face that looked like he was about to cry. The girls apparently ran too fast, and there wasn’t enough time to stop, so they bumped into Mr. Inoo’s knees.
So, I just tried my best not to laugh. I walked toward the girls A&B-san with a very embarrassed look.
Mr. Inoo was still kneeling on the ground, panicking.
Within the speechless, awkward atmosphere, the high school girl said, “Ga-ganbatte!”and ran toward the station direction.

Mr. Inoo, still in a panicking state, turned to the no-idea-why-I-wasn’t-recognized me, and said, “Thank you.” Then I said to Mr. Injured-Knee, “Let’s go”. We continued walking toward our workplace. Of course, I was still trying not to laugh.
He did a good job. Mr. Injured-Knee.
Ah, this actually doesn’t seem to be a doki doki incident.
Sorry for writing so much
Eh, this time I’ll write seriously.

Speaking of which, this was something that happened a while ago…

I rode on the 副都心 Line. [note: 副都心 is one of the train routes in Tokyo]
Even people who aren’t fans of trains would want to go see that train route. Of course, the station’s pretty. The train is also very pretty!
I don’t really have any interest in trains, but I don’t know why I go doki doki.
I don’t know why it seems so fresh~♪
Next time, I’ll invite Mr. Injured-Knee to ride together. ♪

See! Doki doki came right?! ☆☆☆

Ah. There’s another doki doki thing. It’s SUMMARY 

Talking about doki doki,

It’s definitely SUMMARY

Ah, SUMMARY really is dokidoki wakuwaku!
Concerning SUMMARY, I’ll write about it next time ♪

Well, see you next time. Bye~


Mr. Injured-Knee. Even though it’s early, happy birthday. You’re already 67 years old right? You weren’t born in the Heisei era actually, right?

Keito. The way Keito speaks really is really softly and gently. Eh. Just hearing it makes me want to sleep.

I don’t have anything special to say.

Is bitter melon really bitter?


lol… those poor girls. I wonder what they thought when they read Hikaru’s JUMPaper. How embarrassing. lol. Too bad Hikaru didn’t get recognized. >______< but if it was me, I would recognize him!!!!

(Oh and on a side note, the ganbatte part, iono if he originally wrote that but in the Chinese translation it was “請,請加油!” and it basically means the same thing. Stupid English language doesn’t has a word for that. =__= )


8 Responses to “Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.6.22 translation!”

  1. lily Says:

    thanks for translating ❤
    i’m surprised the girls didn’t know it was hika, especially when he right next to inoochan =_=;; i wish i was them~ maybe we can go to japan and meet them too @_@ at least we won’t hurt inoo’s knees~ lol

  2. claunde Says:

    too bad, They didn`t recognize Hikaru..
    Hikaru is funny 😀 called Inoo Mr. Injured-Knee like that and said he is already 67 years old ^^;;

    Btw, thank you for translating 😀

  3. krooxy Says:

    you’re welcome! I wish I was them too. I wish I can meet them!!!

    you’re welcome! 🙂 I wish I can translate more of the JUMPapers but its only on cellphones in Japan. T_T

  4. claunde Says:

    what do you mean only on cellphones in Japan? O_o;
    so.. JUMPapers is just some like an email/massage that only send to JE`s members in their cellphone?
    Wah.. I never knew about this before :O ^^;;

  5. krooxy Says:

    JUMPapers or J-web is sort of like a blog and entry that a HSJ member will write once a week or something and anyone in Japan who is subscribed to it will recieve the text on their cellphone.

    sigh. I wish I can get it~~

  6. claunde Says:

    oh I see..

    I only knew that JUMPapers is some kind of blog ^^;; but I never knew that it only on cellphone 😀

    thanks for the info ♥ ^_^

  7. RenQ Says:

    *scream* im jelez wit the two gurls!! i hope i cn meet JuMp members too! they were lucky.Poor Hika,i’ll recognise u! -thanks for this-
    love Hika and Yuto and Chi and Yama and….oh! all of them!!

  8. arimdayu Says:

    Bwahahaha~~ Hikaru is soooo funny >_< thanks for translating :)) ありがとう!

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