Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.5.19 translation

August 6, 2008

So I know that orange_michryu usually does this, but oh well. I wanted to know what Hikaru said and she’s been too busy to translate, so yeah.

Since I don’t live in Japan or anywhere near there, I don’t actually get the JUMPaper myself. So just warning you, this is a translation of a Chinese translation from Happytown.

Oh and Pocco did like 75% of the translation this time. lol. I need to work on my Chinese. sigh.

If there’s any need for any corrections, please tell us~

Anyway, onto the translation~~~~


Topic: Dream

Right now, I’m at the Tokyo stadium. Yabu and Chinen are in front of me, stuffing snacks in their mouths at high speed, while I’m typing this.

Dreams huh~…Recently I’ve been sleeping too deeply… so I don’t dream.

But, wishes and imagination. I still have these kinds of things.
For example, Japan won something today ne…what do I want to do in SUMMARY. Chinen is right next to me with a mouthful of snacks. This guy’s stomach is as big as the Tokyo stadium na?…this sort of weird imagination. With this kind of feeling, in one minute, I can think about 50 of these ideas.

Oh…it’s my turn for make-up. Please hold on a second.

Putting on make-up. (eyes sparkle)

Okay, everyone waited long enough. Everything’s ready. By the way, I typed this just as things were happening.

Right now, the show is started showing live. Today is the 2nd day in the match against Puerto Rico. (feeling nervous)

With this feeling, I didn’t stutter during the live. It ended smoothly. (tension up)
Then, after an hour of the live show…we sing a song to support everyone in Japan. Singing to the Japanese flag which conveys an important message to all Japanese. ♪
(thank you karerou for helping us translate the last sentence )

Singing (eyes sparkle)

Okay! (thumbs up) We’re done doing our best singing…the match is starting.♪

Japan is leading in the first round. Even though we haven’t totally defeated Puero Rico yet, we won the first round. (thumbs up)

Japan won the second round by mastering the rhythm. (does this even make sense?) However, too bad we lost the third round. The Puerto Rican volleyball players have their unique style. Watching from the audience’s side, how will the next attack be? …every minute, my heart is beating very fast. At the end, Japan won! Yay!

I hope Japan can win the rest of the matches, overcoming the world’s barrier.
(not sure what 壁壘 means here)

Even though this essay is shorter than before, you need to read it next time too.

Bye bye (waves hand)

P.S. Yamada. Recently, he keeps on itching me. Stop it. Every time I sweat weirdly (sweatdrop). I’m becoming like Yamada who sweats a lot. ♪
Mah, sweating a lot is evidence of being healthy. (tension up)

Takaki. (laugh)

Even though you are busy with Gokusen and volleyball, good luck. All of the members are rooting for you. I hear often from people that filming for a drama easily makes your eyes dry…be careful ne!

Keito. Keito’s voice really is gentle ne (sparkle) When I’m talking to Keito, it’s so weird that I get sleepy. ..eh?



6 Responses to “Hikaru’s JUMPaper 2008.5.19 translation”

  1. lily Says:

    thanks for the translations ❤

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thank you so much for translating and sharing ^^

  3. kanae Says:

    thank you so much for translating and sharing ^^

  4. krooxy Says:

    You’re welcome~~ ^___^

  5. RenQ Says:

    Haha! hikaru kun is so funny! love ye! Chinen stomach is as big as the Tokyo Stadium? haha!

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