August 6, 2008

Ahaha. You learn something new everyday~

#1 Apparently Hikaru has friends in China and Korea! totally did NOT know that. You think he’s talking about fans? or like ppl who sent him fan letters? OR DOES HE GO TO A PENPAL WEBSITE?! if he does, that’ll be soo kool. Although I doubt anyone would say online. lol. or maybe he goes online when he’s bored and surfs forums, but if he does, it’ll prolly be music forums and not sites about him.

#2 You know the Wink Up translation Pocco and I did? Apparently someone else already did it and they did all of the other sections too. loool. whoops. but now I know the feeling ppl get when they start translating something and find out it was already translated. At least you can see how accurate ppl are.

#3 Happytown is a great site for ppl who can read chinese and are fans of Hikaru. Happytown also has lots of really nice quality scans. like REALLY nice quality scans of EVERYTHING related to HSJ, whether its shop photos, magazines, or photobooks.

#4 Smalltownsburns translates a lot of HSJ magazine articles. lol. Except she stopped posting them up in the hey_say community, so I didn’t know that a lot of stuff was already translated.

#5 Chinen calls Keito, “Katie”. ROFLMAO. XD


2 Responses to “Discoveries~~”

  1. Sotchai Says:

    Hey~ i read ur entry and…yeah, thanks for the info~ ^^
    and LMAO Chinen calls Keito “Katie”!? XD

  2. krooxy Says:

    Thanx for reading ^____^

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