Was SC always like this?

August 5, 2008

Okay, I know I totally fail as a JE fan if I normally don’t watch SC eps but like.. iono.. the August 3rd one… wow that was painful. lol. maybe its cuz I’m not really interested in the ppl in this ep? esp since Hikaru and Yabu aren’t in it.. and like.. I don’t particularly have any interest in any of the Jrs.. so yeah..

BUT Tsubasa was sexy~ and well let’s just say that the only parts I particularly enjoyed was only the parts where they sang their own songs and not someone else’s..

I still think those masses of little boys in the bg are frankly annoying and bothersome. =____=

on another note… how much do these girls pay to go to a SC show? seems like a lot since its always packed with ppl.. but I mean.. is it even worth it? =___= I’m really glad I get to see it online for free.. plus you can repeat and see it again.. and again.. and again

(and is it just me, or does JE seem like a host club for girls to spend their money on? it also seems more like a summer camp or brother bonding academy for the actual guys in JE.. or maybe that’s just me?)

and dude.. I have got to stop updating and watching/reading JE stuff at midnight. =__=


3 Responses to “Was SC always like this?”

  1. Pocco Says:

    Ummm….I don’t usually watch SC, so I don’t really know how it’s like normally. ^^;; What’s the difference between SC and SC Premium…?
    Do the fans pay to go to SC? I keep on thinking that it’s free…lol. I only know that for music shows like Heyx3, JE fans in the official fan club have to go through a ballot in order to get the seats on the show. I dunno…I’d say it’s worth it to pay and go see your idols, especially if you might get the chance to see them up-close. XD But of course, a fan can’t just spend all the money she has to go to ALL the shows. It’s a totally different experience if you see the idols live rather than watching them on TV/computer. Just my opinion.

    Haha. JE is making all their fans go bankrupt! Jk. That’s way too extreme. But apparently, there are tons of girls who are willing to buy all the different versions of CDs and DVDs. Now, I’d say that’s really wasting money. Lol. No, it’s not just you. JE does seem a bit like a camp for the guys. XD

  2. krooxy Says:

    SC Premium is usually interviews with one of the JE ppl.. It’s really interesting because you get to find out what went on behind the scenes in the JE “academy”, like how the idol struggled to do stuff and yadda yadda yadda.

    If for Heyx3, JE fans go through a ballot, what about the times when its not a JE person? like if the guest is Utada Hikaru? o_____O

    I know its different to see them live but still.. when the camera turns to the audience who are watching SC.. they’re watching the entire show through binoculars.. =___=;;

  3. Pocco Says:

    Good question!! I never thought of that. Ummm…I guess non-JE fans have to somehow apply for their seats…probably through the TV stations instead of fan clubs. I dunno…

    Binoculars?!?! LOL. I don’t watch SC, so I didn’t know that. Ok, then, that’s not really worth it if those fans have to pay a lot to go.

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