Inoo x Hikaru love~~

August 4, 2008

Just watched the Hey x3 segment with HSJ on 7/28 and omg. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

INOO X HIKARU!!!!!!!!!!! ❤


That’s sooo kute how Hikaru used the lyrics of Dreams Come True to make a Happy Birthday message just for Inoo~~

Look how embarrassed he is~~ <3 hee hee

Look how embarrassed he is~~ ❤ hee hee

Inoo's sooo happy~~~~ <3<3<3<3

Inoo's sooo happy~~~~ <3<3<3<3

I love how Daiki sent Inoo a text right when it turned into Inoo’s birthday at midnight. ahahah. <3<3 And Yabu, lol… writing about from the first time they met! ❤

…but how could the rest of them forget TT___TT

It was hilarious how one of the V6 guys was like “We read the magazines and learned about each other’s birthdays from that”

Anyway, people can totally tell exactly how much of an outsider Keito is, after finding out that he doesn’t even have Inoo’s e-mail address. =__=;; well I guess Keito is only close to Hikaru and Morimoto… Plus, he hasn’t been a Jr. as long as the rest of them… oh well, I’m sure they’ll bond more in the future. Besides, I’m sure he has a fan filled future. There’s a bunch of Keito fans out there who love his body. (I have to admit, he does look pretty nice in some photoshoots, but in the end, nah.. not my type)

But overall, I’m really happy Inoo talked a lot~~~ ❤


4 Responses to “Inoo x Hikaru love~~”

  1. lily Says:

    inoo and hika are totally lovers~ and yabu writing him a long message, kya~ ❤
    and it seems that chinen and keito are close, since keito said he talks to chinen the most on the phone, i would have never thought of them together though o_o but yea, keito isn’t my type either :/

  2. krooxy Says:

    oh wow, really?? i thought keito was a total outsider ^^;;; but wow. chinen and keito?! @_@ they never seem that close in any of the videos/talks/magazine articles though.. although then again keito barely talks in the first place…

  3. Yana Says:

    I loved Hey!x3, oh Inoo.

    Mm, Keito isn’t a complete outsider. He hangs out with Chinen, Yuto too. Then again, Yuto’s friends with everyone. XD You can easily see that he’s still very new to this whole thing, though.

  4. krooxy Says:

    That’s true, Yuto IS friends with everyone. lol. I’m sure Keito and everyone will get closer together as time passes.

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