Wink Up July 2008 HSJ Translation

July 29, 2008

It’s only the Yamada, Inoo, and Yaotome section. It’s Pocco‘s and my first time translating so yep. Oh and we also got help from Kamiki-sensei~ ❤

If you want the scan or check out the original article, click the pic below~ (and of course if you’re using my scan, please credit!)

The topic is “The part fans don’t know” (oh and the stuff in ::gray:: are just my comments or thoughts)


Yaotome: Inoo-chan is still hiding 80% of himself.

Yamada: I’m sure that there are a lot of things about Inoo that fans are thinking “?”

Yaotome: Or rather, fans also seem to think “Who?”

Inoo: Eh, even though they are fans? (laugh)

Yaotome: Show more character!

Inoo: I’m still searching for my character…(laugh) I’ll try various characters!

Yaotome: Inoo can make people laugh if he talks, but he doesn’t talk. Such a waste. I have no idea how you can live in this entertainment world. Show me! So, let’s hear your plan as a celebrity now!

Yamada: …the topic has become very complicated (laugh)

Inoo: Yappari…I’m going to live in a big house and eat delicious food. When I become about 27, I’ll marry a sort of cute wife.

Yamada: And then, a very normal/simple dream. (laugh)

Inoo: (almost burst) Hey, I want to talk too. But because there’s 10 people, I never know when it’s a good time to add in.

Yaotome: Yamada is doing his best!

Yamada: I’m really happy that you said that, but I never got a laugh at MC in Osaka since Osaka is the land of comedy (laugh) (Editor’s note: this interview was done before Yokohama Arena) (Yabu was nearby) But basically because Hikaru and I talked, it seemed like only the two of us failed.

Yaotome: Let’s stop losing self-confidence. (laugh) There were some places that were okay. But there were definitely many times we thought, “Crap!”

Yamada: But it’s amazing how Hikaru can go on from that kind of situation.

Yaotome: Recently staff-san said that our daily common conversations with all of the members of JUMP are interesting. To tell you the truth, I think so too. So, it’s too bad that we can’t show them.

Inoo: Yeah, it’s wasteful ne.

Yaotome: I would say that YOU are one of them!

::I’m assuming he’s talking about how Inoo is one of the things that they can’t show::

Inoo: (upset voice) Shut up!

Yamada: You should show that kind of bursting/exploding character (laugh)

Yaotome: Right? I think it’s definitely interesting.

Inoo: I got it. I’ll talk! I’ll talk naturally without thinking anything. I’ll talk a lot~!

Yamada: Somehow, it seems like we broke through. (laugh)

“Unn, let me think, wouldn’t showing his stomach be good?”

Inoo: Yamada wants to be a funny character, right? Aren’t you “aiming for Hikaru” ?

Yamada: Aah, I did ne~

Yaotome: “Did”? It’s already past tense? (laugh)

Yamada: Because I can’t beat Hikaru-kun. That’s why I’m aiming to be the #2 guy right behind Hikaru-kun. Then when Hikaru-kun’s condition is bad, if I could help…

Yaotome: Aah, but if there were really people like that, that might be good.

Yamada: But right now, its impossible. I wonder who can do that kind of job right now…Arioka-kun?

Yaotome: Dai-chan is working hard, but for surprising, he’s a failure (laugh) That’s a dangerous gamble. (laugh)

Yamada: What about Takaki-kun?

Yaotome: Takaki… he has a tendency for making things cool, so he doesn’t get a big laugh.

Inoo: (straightforwardly) Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Yamada: Amazing sigh (laugh)

Inoo: Sorry, sorry, right now I relaxed too much (laugh)

::eh, I didn’t know how to make it sound less weird::

Yaotome: As I expected Inoo-kun, you really are tekito (laugh)

::I couldn’t find an exact meaning for テキトーbut it means sort of like a mix of bad, not very serious, shallow, kind of disrespectful, and irresponsible::

Inoo: That’s not true! Whatever we say, we’re counting on Ryutaro at the end, right?

::It took me a while to understand this, but basically Inoo went back to the main conversation on who can help Hikaru be funny::

Yaotome: Yeah~ He can make miracles happen. (laugh)

Inoo: That’s for sure, he caused miracles to happen a couple of times!

Yaotome: But since Yamada said he will do that, from now on Yama-chan will create the miracles.

Yamada: Iya~~ that’s a little strict/relentless/severe perhaps.

Yaotome: I’m looking forward to it (laugh). So, where’s Yama-chan’s part that needs to show more?

Inoo: Unn, let me think, wouldn’t showing his stomach be good?

Yamada: Wait a min! What? (laugh)

“…Right now, I’m deeply moved! Hikaru-kun’s unknown part is…”

Yaotome: Like I said, Inoo-chan is tekito. It’s better not to listen to this guy talk. (laugh) When going to and coming from work, 90% of what he says when we talk are lies. (laugh)

Inoo: We really only talk paper-thin quality (laugh). I don’t talk about anything from my heart.

::paper-thin quality as in like not very seriously::

Yamada: You’re aware of it (laugh). Isn’t that bad?

Inoo: But when I talk to Yama-chan, I’m not that tekito.

Yamada: Except for my stomach, don’t I have anything to show?

Yaotome: For Yama-chan, I think you have a good tsukomi ne. I think it’s good if you can use that kind of skill.

::ツッコミ is sort of like good at sharp comment/ strong attack? comedians use a lot::

Yamada: …Right now, I’m very touched! Hikaru-kun’s unknown part is….

Inoo: Nothing right?

Yaotome: Un, That’s what I think too. I show everything (laugh)

Inoo: Then why don’t you try to change your style to the “sexy” type or something? (laugh)

Yamada: I think I want to see that!

Yaotome: Eh, you mean while I’m dancing, I do something like putting my hands to my lips? For me, that’s totally impossible! Because that’s really embarrassing and it’ll look really bad if I do that!

Inoo: If there isn’t a hidden section, you must make a new side of you (laugh). So from now on, perhaps you’ll be able to see a sexy Hikaru (laugh)

Yaotome: If Inoo-chan talks a lot at MC, then, I’ll consider it. (laugh)


If there’s any mistakes, please let me know~ (hope it was understandable.. they sure like to jump around in their conversations)


4 Responses to “Wink Up July 2008 HSJ Translation”

  1. lily Says:

    thanks for the translation ❤
    you guys did a great job~ 😀
    inoo x hika is love~

  2. krooxy Says:

    thx for reading~~
    inooxhika is the best!!!

  3. tinanit Says:

    LOL! They’re bullying Inoo-chan with sarcastic comments! LOLLLLL~ it seems like the whole interview sounds sarcastic but in a fun way! Good job on translating this! 😀

  4. marurabu Says:

    waa. thanks for sharing this one. haha 😀

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