New header!!!

July 22, 2008

Guahahhahha!!!! Finally finished with my new header! xD ehhehehe.. spent hours making it right! and finally its doneeeeeee!!! hurrah!

so in case you dont’ know who the ppl are, from left to right:

Matsumoto Jun (Arashi), Nishikido Ryo (NEWS), Sakurai Sho (ARASHI), Inoo Kei (Hey Say JUMP), Utada Hikaru, Yaotome Hikaru (Hey Say JUMP), Horikita Maki, Matsuyama Kenichi, Wang Lee Hom

lol. as you might have noticed, there’s an oddball out there. *points to Lee Hom* he’s the only Chinese celebrity, BUT he’s hella talented and a wonderful person who cares about his fans. You should check out his music. He incorporates a lot of stuff. He’s the best role model too and does a lot of charity work. He’s also really intelligent and is loved by or should be loved by everyone on Earth. <3<3

ANYWAY. yeah. so all of those ppl are my current loves <3. I know that I said earlier that I was going to focus more on Inoo and Yaotome, but I’m sorry. I love all the others as well. lol. yep.

well I guess I better go to sleep now. I’ll upload all the wonderful things I got in Japan tomorrow.


I ❤ Japannn.


One Response to “New header!!!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Good job getting rid of the white text. Much more readable now. You’ll be a good designer.

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